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Department of Systems Engineering Faculty

Name Position Phone E- mail

picna.png Ms. Anne Barrett IT Specialist 845.938.4477

picna.png Mr. Wayne Batterson Combat Simulation Manager 845.938.5535
Beskow.jpg MAJ David Beskow Instructor/ORCEN Analyst 845.938.3373

picna.png Mr. Jeff Booth​ ​IT Specialist ​845-938-5871

Brennan.bmp MAJ Julia Brennan Instructor 845.938.3180

Burk.bmp Dr. Roger Chapman Burk Associate Professor 845.938.4754

Carr.bmp Mr. Jim Carr Instructor 845.938.4753

Chennault.jpg Mr. Dave Chennault Instructor 845.938.4399

picna.png MAJ Ashok Deb​ ORCEN Analyst​ 845-938-5168​

Demarest.jpg MAJ Jeff Demarest Instructor 845.938.5507

Driscoll.jpg Dr. Patrick Driscoll Professor of Operations Research/Acting Deputy Department Head 845.938.6587

Enos.jpg MAJ Josh Eaton​ Instructor​ 845-938-5181​

Elkins.jpg Dr. Timothy Elkins Assistant Professor/Transformation Chair 845.938.2707

Enos.jpg MAJ James Enos Assistant Professor/Operations Officer/2013 DAC 845.938.3114

Enos.jpg LTC Paul Evangelista Academy Professor/Systems Management Program Director 845.938.5941

Faber.jpg MAJ Isaac Faber Instructor 845.938.4311

Farr.jpg Dr. John Farr Professor of Engineering Management/Director, C/NRCD 845.938.5206

Gaspard.jpg MAJ Joshua Gaspard Instructor 845.938.2746

Henderson.jpg MAJ Pierre Han Instructor 845.938.7705

Henderson.jpg LTC Steve Henderson Academy Professor/Systems Engineering Program Director 845.938.5662

Henderson.jpg Bruce Keith Professor of Sociology 845.938.6321

Kewley.jpg COL Robert Kewley Professor and Department Head 845.938.5534

Korcynski.jpg COL Donna Korycinski Academy Professor 845.938.8788

Kucik.jpg LTC Paul Kucik Academy Professor/Engineering Management Program Director 845.938.5529

Kucik.jpg Michael J. Kwinn, Jr. Professsor of Systems Engineering 845.938.2668

picna.png Mr. Gene Lesinski ORCEN XO/AIAD Director 845.938.5897

Licklider.jpg MAJ Christy Licklider Instructor/2014 DAC/ORCEN Analyst 845.938.5661

McCarthy.jpg LTC Dan McCarthy Academy Proefssor/ ORCEN Director 845.938.4893

McDonald.jpg LTC Kenny McDonald Engineering Management Program Director 845.938.4752

picna.png Mr. John Melendez IT Administrator 845.938.5872

picna.png Ms. Betty Melick Office Supervisor 845.938.2701

picna.png Ms. Michelle Mintz Travel 845.938.3078

Nunn.jpg MAJ Lawrence Nunn Instructor 845.938.4857

Parnell.jpg Dr. Gregory Parnell Professor of Systems Engineering 845.938.4374

Richards.jpg MAJ Jed Richards Instructor/ORCEN Analyst 845.938.5539

Graham.jpg MAJ Kristin Saling Instructor​ ​845.938.4756

Sawser.jpg MAJ Thomas Saltysiak Assistant Professor 845.938.5539

L_Schott.jpg LTC Libby Schott Academy Professor/CES Program Director 845.938.5578

Schott.jpg LTC Russ Schott Assistant Professor/Executive Officer 845.938.4888

picna.png Ms. Nancy Simmons Purchasing 845.938.4230

Thompson.jpg MAJ Brandon Thompson Assistant Professor/Personnel Officer 845.938.6493

picna.png MAJ Mike Tilton​ ​Assistant Proefssor ​845.938.2073

Thompson.jpg LTC Eric Tollefson Assistant Proefssor 845.938.5663

Thompson.jpg MAJ Travis Trammell Instructor 845.938.2510

Wood.jpg LTC Marc Wood Instructor​ ​845.938.5525

Thompson.jpg MAJ(P) Ryan Worthan Instructor 845.938.5536
Department of Systems Engineering
Mahan Hall
West Point, NY 10996
All Systems GO!