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Example Engineering Management Coursework
​Yearling Year ​Cow ​Year Firstie ​ Year​
SE301 Intro to Systems Engineering
EM384 Analytical Methods for Engineering Mgt.
SM421 Systems Acquisition Management
EM402 Capstone Design
EM403 Capstone Design

EM381 Engineering Economy
SE375 Statistics fo Engineers
EM411 Project Management
EM420 Production Operations Management

Area of Emphasis Elective 1 Area of Emphasis Elective 2 Area of Emphasis Elective 3 Area of Emphasis Elective 4

Engineering Sequence 1 Engineering Sequence 2 Engineering Sequence 3 Approved Breadth Elective

SE400 Professional Engineering Seminar*
*SE400 Professional Engineering Seminar (1.0 credits) is taken second semester of the Firstie Year to prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.
Engineering Tracks - Cadets choose one Engineering Sequence
MC300 Fundamentals of Eng. Mech. & Design
EE302 Introduction to Electrical Engineering I
EV301 Env Science for Engrs & Scientists
MC300 Fundamentals of Eng. Mech. & Design
MC364 Mechanics of Materials
EE360 Digital Computer Logic
EV385 Intro to Environmental Engineering
MC306 Dynamics
MC311 Thermal-Fluid Systems I
EE362 Introduction to Electronics
EV481 Water Resources Plan & Design
MC311 Thermal-Fluid Systems I


NE300 Nuclear Reactor Analysis
MC300 Fundamentals of Eng. Mech. & Design

MC311 Thermal-Fluid Systems I
EE301 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

NE355 Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design
MC311 Thermal-Fluid Systems I

Areas of Emphasis - Cadets choose one class from each area:
Information & Decision Systems

Simulation Elective

Personnel & Organizational Management


SE370 Computer Aided Systems Engineering
EM481 Systems Simulation
MG382 Human Resource Mgt.
SS394 Financial Accounting
SE385 Decision Analysis
SM484 System Dynamics Simulation
PL479 Leading Organizations Through Change
SS494 Principles of Finance
EM482 Supply Chain Engineering and Information Management
SE485 Combat Modeling