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Systems Design and Management

Program Overview
Systems Design & Management (SM)
The Systems Design and Management program reflects the overwhelming need for West Point graduates who are ready to lead multidisciplinary teams. Our leaders will per-form systems thinking, systems design and modeling, and systems decision making to address complex, ill-defined problems characterized by global, political, social, military, economic, and technological challenges. The program trades depth in traditional engineering disciplines for a blended skill set that well arms leaders and managers.

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Systems Management Coursework

Cow Year
Firstie Year
SE301 Foundations of Engineering Design & Systems Management SS394 Financial Accounting EM384 Analytical Methods for Engineering Management SM401 Systems Management Capstone
SE375 Statistics for Engineers EM381 Engineering Economy EM411 Project Management EM420 Production Operations Management
Decision Systems Elective Simulation Elective Management Electives SM421 Systems Acquisition Management

Additional Approved Elective
Decision Systems Electives
SE370 Computer Aided Systems Engineering
EM482 Supply Chain Engineering and Information Management
SE384 Decision Analysis
Simulation Electives
EM481 Systems Simulation
SM484 System Dynamics Simulation
SE485 Combat Modeling
Management Electives
MG472 International Management
PL398 Leadership Theory and Development
PL479 Leading Organizations Through Change
MG380 Marketing
MG382 Human Resource Management
Additional Approved Electives
MA364 Engineering Mathematics
MA371 Linear Algebra
MA381 Nonlinear Optimization
MA391 Mathematical Modeling
SE490 Additional Topics in SE/EM
SE491 Applied Research project in SE
SS494 Principles of Finance
Department of Systems Engineering
Mahan Hall
West Point, NY 10996
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