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Staff Judge Advocate : LA Document Library

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Disclaimer: The documents provided on this website are for information purposes only and are not intended as legal advice and does not constitute legal counsel. The appearance of hyperlinks to external websites on this website or contained in any materials provided herein does not constitute an endorsement of such websites or of information or service contained or offered therein.    
Notary Services​ 2015 - FC Notary Services.pdf2015 - FC Notary Services.pdf Certified True Copies.pdfCertified True Copies.pdf
​Power of Attorney 2015 - FC PoA.pdf2015 - FC PoA.pdf 2015 - FC PoA Agent.pdf2015 - FC PoA Agent.pdf
​Family Law 2015 - FC Adoption Reimbursement.pdf2015 - FC Adoption Reimbursement.pdf 15JUL23_Divorce in NY.pdf15JUL23_Divorce in NY.pdf
15AUG27_Marital Support.pdf15AUG27_Marital Support.pdf 2015 - FC Collecting Garnished Support.pdf2015 - FC Collecting Garnished Support.pdf
​Consumer Law 15OCT01_Identity Theft.pdf15OCT01_Identity Theft.pdf 2015 - FC Advance Fee Loan Scams.pdf2015 - FC Advance Fee Loan Scams.pdf
2015 - FC Automobile Leasing.pdf2015 - FC Automobile Leasing.pdf 2015 - FC Financial Information Privacy.pdf2015 - FC Financial Information Privacy.pdf
2015 - FC Income Tax Scams.pdf2015 - FC Income Tax Scams.pdf
​Estate Law 2015 - FC Estate Planning.pdf2015 - FC Estate Planning.pdf 2015 - FC SGLI.pdf2015 - FC SGLI.pdf
​Health Care Law 2015 - FC Advance Medical Directive.pdf2015 - FC Advance Medical Directive.pdf 2015 - FC Organ and Tissue Donation.pdf2015 - FC Organ and Tissue Donation.pdf
​State Administrative Law 2015 - FC Name Change.pdf2015 - FC Name Change.pdf