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Staff Judge Advocate : Legal Services Provided

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 What services do we provide

Ministerial Services: Ministerial services includes notarial acts provided by a judge advocate or civilian legal assistance attorney or paralegal and include witnessing signatures to documents and adminstering oaths or affirmations. More specifically, the following notarial services may be provided on a walk-in basis:

Acknowledgment: A formal declaration or statement before an authorized official by the individual who signs the document, that the signing of the document is his or her act and deed.

Affidavit: A written or printed declaration or statement of facts, made voluntarily, and confirmed by the oath or affirmation of the party making it, taken before an individual having authroity to administer such oath or affirmation.

Affirmation: A pledge or formal declaration by an individual as to the truth of his or her statement before an individual authorized to administer the affirmation.

Certificate: A written assurance, or official representation, that some act has or has not been done, some event occurred, or some legal formality has been complied with.

Certified Copy*: A copy of a document or record, signed and certified as a true copy by the individual to whose custody the original is entrusted*.

Notary: An official, unbiased witness to the identity and signature of individuals who appear before the notary for some specific purpose, such as taking an oath or affirmation, or signing a legal document.

Oath: A pledge whereby an individual swears or affirms as to the truth of his or her statement before a person authroized to administer an oath. The individual taking the oath signifies that he or she is bound in conscience ro provide the act faithfully and truthfully.

Sworn Statement: A statement taken under oath or affirmation that the contents of the statement are true.

Witness: The process of attesting to the genuineness of the signing or execution of a document by individuals (witnesses) present at the time the document was signed. Witnesses subscribe their signatures to the document for the purpose of attesting to their presence at the time the document was signed.

* Please note that because the state of New York does not allow notaries to provide certified copies for any document, this office does not provide this service. Affidavits of true copy, however, can be provided.

Legal Counseling: Legal counseling or legal advice is provided to eligible clients to assist with personal legal issues. Personal legal issues include military administrative matters, such as memoranda of reprimand or Honor Investigative Hearings. Legal assistance attorneys may provide legal review of documents, provide legal research, draft correspondence, engage in negotiations, and/or draft other documents in order to assist in resolving a legal issue. Legal counseling or advice is confidential in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 27-26.     

Legal Correspondence: Legal correspondence includes letters, memoranda, or other communication drafted by a legal assistance attorney on behalf of a client for the purpose of advancing some legal interest. Legal correspondence also includes letters, memoranda, or other communications drafted by a client and reviewed, revised and/or edited by a legal assistance attorney. Examples of such correspondence includes NCOER or OER appeals, rebuttals to memoranda of reprimand, and other documents.   

Negotiation: Negotiation is simply discussing an issue with a party for the purpose of reaching some agreement or advancing some interest. A legal assistance attorney may engage in negotiations with a person, company, or other entity on behalf of a client in order to reach an agreement on some legal issue. Such negotiations can include legal research and/or the production of correspondence.     

Legal Research: Legal assistance attorneys are trained legal researchers and may have access to private databases and search tools to assist with your case.

Taxes: Qualified tax preparers are available to assist with Federal and State income tax returns. Tax assistance for private business activities, however, are outside the scope of the legal assistance program.