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Interested in participating in a SOSH AIAD in Summer 2014?
We are pleased to present our cadets with a wide range of incredible opportunities!

The Conflict and Human Securities Studies (CHSS) Program

By volunteering with NGOs throughout the developing world, cadets learn about human security issues and how they inhibit sustainable development.


 AIAD Photos 2013

CCS Tanzania 2.jpg
8/12/2013 2:43 PMJennifer Parisi
CCS Tanzania.jpg
8/12/2013 2:43 PMJennifer Parisi
OCA - CDT Jess Niemiec with Bridget (kid from school).jpg
10/7/2013 4:24 PMJennifer Parisi
OCA - MJ Cantrell teaching at local free school - 2nd grade english and math.jpg
10/31/2013 2:03 PMJennifer Parisi
Tri Academies Vietnam and Cambodia - Mekong River Race.JPG
10/7/2013 4:45 PMJennifer Parisi