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Department Faculty Alumni

This page lists pictures and bios of Sosh alum, as they were last posted before they departed West Point.

Departed Summer of 2016, 2015 and 2014 (please click Recent Alumni link)

Recent Alumni

Departed prior to 2012

Name Position

Engel.jpg Dr. Rozlyn C. Engel Associate Professor (Economics)

LTC Reid Sawyer Director Combating Terrorism Center

Salter.jpg Mr. Phillip Salter Visiting Professor (International Relations)

Braniff.jpg Mr. Bill Braniff Instructor (CTC)

GalloAl.jpg Mr. Alexander Gallo Instructor (American Politics)

GalloAn.jpg MAJ Andy Gallo Department Executive Officer

Boardman.jpg MAJ Jeremy Boardman Instructor (Economics)

Caine.jpg MAJ Hartleigh Caine Instructor (Economics)

Cooper.jpg MAJ Walter Cooper Instructor (American Politics)

pic_na1.jpg MAJ(P) Paul Larson Instructor (International Relations)

Lin.jpg MAJ Conway Lin Instructor (Economics)

McInerney.jpg MAJ Michael McInerney Instructor (American Politics)

Oliver.jpg MAJ Irvin Oliver Instructor (International Relations)

Park.jpg MAJ Kent Park Instructor (American Politics)

Purewal.jpg MAJ Suhkdev Purewal Instructor (International Relations)

Taylor.jpg MAJ William Taylor Instructor (American Politics)

Wojtaszek.jpg MAJ Carl Wojtaszek Assistant Professor (Economics)
Departed in 2011

Name Position

segrest.jpg Dr. Scott Segrest Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Gilmore.jpg Ms. Nicole Gilmore Instructor (Economics)

YonR.jpg Mrs. Rachel Yon Instructor (American Politics)

MartinezA.jpg MAJ Angelica Martinez Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Bodnar.JPG MAJ Seth Bodnar Instructor (Economics)

Brosnan.jpg MAJ Andy Brosnan Assistant Professor (International Relations)

chamberlain.JPG MAJ Faith Chamberlain Assistant Professor (American Politics)

COX.jpg MAJ Ed Cox Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Crow.jpg MAJ Mark Crow Assistant Professor (Economics)

Galui.jpg MAJ Jason Galui Instructor (Economics)

Groves.jpg MAJ Bryan Groves Assistant Professor (International Relations)

HemphillW.jpg MAJ William Hemphill Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Godfroy.jpg MAJ Jeanne Godfroy Instructor (International Relations)

JonesH.JPG MAJ Hugh Jones Instructor (Economics)

Kasker.jpg MAJ Jennifer Kasker Instructor (Economics)

Lennox.jpg MAJ Matthew Lennox Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Palazinni.JPG MAJ Jeffrey Palazzini Instructor (Economics)

Posey.jpg MAJ Tony Posey Instructor (International Relations)

Price.jpg MAJ Bryan Price Instructor (International Relations)

Ringhisen.jpg MAJ Melissa Ringhisen Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Rochelle.jpg MAJ Shawnette Rochelle Assistant Professor (Economics)
Departed in 2010

Name Position

Wardynski.jpg COL E. Casey Wardynski Director - Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis

Forest.jpg Dr. James Forest Associate Professor and Combating Terrorism Center Director of Terrorism Studies

Busa.jpg Mr. Sonny Busa Visiting Professor (International Relations)

Moghadam.jpg Dr. Assaf Moghadam Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Toner.jpg MAJ Kevin Toner Department Executive Officer

Campion.jpg MAJ Greg Campion Assistant Professor (Economics)

Gwinn.jpg MAJ Jeremy Gwinn Instructor (Economics)

Jamison.jpg MAJ Eric Jamison Instructor (Economics)

Kim.jpg MAJ Joseph Kim Assistant Professor (Economics)

Lujan.jpg MAJ Fernando Lujan Instructor (American Politics)

Marty.jpg MAJ Michael Marty Assistant Professor (Economics)

Mikits.jpg MAJ Janis Mikits Instructor (Economics)

Nowak.jpg CAPT Ashley Nowak Instructor (International Relations)

Zais.jpg MAJ Matthew Zais Instructor (American Politics)
Departed in 2009

Name Position

Steinberg.jpg Dr. Edward Steinberg Assistant Professor (Economics)

Rowdybush.jpg Dr. Brinton Rowdybush Instructor (American Politics)

Gookins.jpg Capt Amanda Gookins Department Executive Officer

Albrich.jpg MAJ Adam Albrich Assistant Professor (Economics)

Ayers.jpg MAJ Nick Ayers Instructor (International Relations / Comparative Politics)

Bagully.jpg MAJ Mike Bagully Instructor (American Politics)

Bjorklund.jpg MAJ Eric Bjorklund Instructor (International Relations / Comparative Politics)

Bundy.jpg MAJ Bill Bundy Instructor (American Politics)

Danbeck.jpg MAJ Chris Danbeck Instructor (International Relations)

Dunn.jpg MAJ Jonathan S. Dunn Instructor (International Relations)

Habhab.jpg MAJ Travis Habhab Instructor (Economics)

Heckel.jpg MAJ Kenneth Heckel Instructor (Economics)

Julum.jpg LTC Jeffrey Julum Instructor (International Relations)

Kauffman.jpg MAJ Brent Kauffman Instructor (Economics)

Oh.jpg MAJ Paul Oh Instructor (American Politics / International Relations)

Patterson.jpg MAJ Rebecca D. Patterson Instructor (Economics)

Schnack.jpg MAJ Troy Schnack Instructor (International Relations / Economics)

Sheiffer.jpg MAJ Matthew J. Sheiffer Instructor (International Relations / Comparative Politics),

Shekleton.jpg MAJ Mike Shekleton Instructor (Economics)

Sowers.jpg MAJ Thomas Sowers II Instructor (American Politics)

Taylor.jpg MAJ Scott Taylor Instructor (American Politics)

Wagner.jpg MAJ Mike Wagner Instructor (International Relations)

WilliamsB.jpg MAJ Blair Williams Assistant Professor (Economics)

WilliamsEd.jpg MAJ Ed Williams Instructor (American Politics)
Departed in 2008

Name Position

Belknap.jpg COL Margaret Belknap Academy Professor and Director - Economics Program

Felter.jpg LTC Joseph Felter Assistant Professor and Director - Combating Terrorism Center

Brachman.jpg Jarret M. Brachman Assistant Professor and Combating Terrorism Center Director of Research

Gujarati.jpg Dr. Damodar Gujarati Professor of Economics

Schake.jpg Dr. Kori Schake Professor of International Security Studies

Snider.jpg Dr. Don M. Snider Professor of Political Science

UnderwoodK.jpg Karen Underwood Instructor (American Politics)

Evans.jpg LTC Dan Evans Department Executive Officer

Ahern.jpg MAJ Stephanie Ahern Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Colwell.jpg MAJ Kris Colwell Assistant Professor (Economics)

Dekever.jpg MAJ Andrew Dekever Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Deraney.jpg MAJ Alex Deraney Assistant Professor (Comparative Politics)

Dietzman.jpg MAJ Brian Dietzman Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Frey.jpg MAJ Greg Frey Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Greco.jpg MAJ Thomas M. Greco Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Hanson.jpg MAJ Steven Hanson Instructor (Economics)

Kuzara.jpg MAJ Michael Kuzara Assistant Professor (Economics)

Pollak.jpg MAJ Sara Pollak Instructor (Economics)

Rios.jpg MAJ Lorenzo P. Rios Instructor (International Relations)

Skimmyhorn.jpg MAJ William Skimmyhorn Instructor (Economics)

Springer.jpg MAJ Christopher Springer Assistant Professor (Economics)

UnderwoodT.jpg MAJ Thaddeus L. Underwood Assistant Professor (Economics)
Departed in 2007

Name Position

Downing.jpg GEN (Ret.) Wayne Downing Chair, Combating Terrorism Center
​MAJ John Coghill ​Instructor (Economics)
Departed in 2006

Name Position

Bose.jpg Dr. Meena Bose Director - American Politics Program

Moten.jpg Margaret Moten Assistant Professor (Economics)

Pak.jpg MAJ Jin H. Pak Assistant Professor (International Relations)

Abbruzzese.jpg MAJ P. Matthew Abbruzzese Instructor (International Relations)

Amerine.jpg MAJ Jason Amerine Instructor (International Relations)

Bane.jpg CPT Benjamin Bane Assistant Professor of International Relations

Calkins.jpg MAJ Sam Calkins Instructor (Economics)

Dempsey.jpg MAJ Jason Dempsey Assistant Professor of American Politics

Driver.jpg MAJ Darrell W. Driver Instructor (American Politics)

Jette.jpg MAJ Kyle Jette Instructor (American Politics)

Terry.jpg MAJ Bruce W. Terry Instructor (International Relations)

Walker.jpg MAJ James Walker Instructor (Economics)

Yankovich.jpg MAJ Michael Yankovich Instructor (Economics)
Departed in 2005

Name Position

Gordon.jpg COL Robert L. Gordon III Director - American Politics Program

McCormick.jpg LTC Kip McCormick Director, Combating Terrorism Center

Parker.jpg COL Jay M. Parker Director - International Relations Program

Dalland.jpg Mr. Raymond Dalland Foreign Service Officer

Buckley.jpg MAJ Patrick D. Buckley Assistant Professor of Economics

Carroll.jpg MAJ Steven M. Carroll Assistant Professor of Economics

Cummings.jpg MAJ Craig P. Cummings Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Denius.jpg MAJ Jeffrey Denius Instructor (International Relations)

Dillard.jpg MAJ Larry Dillard Assistant Professor of Economics

Guilmartin.jpg MAJ Eugenia K. Guilmartin Assistant Professor of American Politics

Hansen.jpg MAJ(Sel.) John C. Hansen Assistant Professor of Economics

Howell.jpg MAJ Patrick Howell Instructor (International Relations)

Watrud.jpg MAJ Christopher J. Watrud Instructor (Economics)

Wehmeyer.jpg MAJ Marc A. Wehmeyer Deputy Director, Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis

Kaderavek.jpg MAJ Robert P. Kaderavek Instructor (Economics)

Kopser.jpg MAJ G. Joseph Kopser Instructor (American Politics)

Lira.jpg MAJ Leonard L. Lira Assistant Professor (American Politics)

Lovejoy.jpg CPT Jessica Lovejoy Instructor (International Relations)

McGowan.jpg MAJ Christopher M. McGowan Assistant Professor of Economics

Perez.jpg MAJ Celestino Perez, Jr. Assistant Professor of American Politics

Rhind.jpg MAJ Scott Rhind Assistant Professor of International Relations

Sawyer.jpg MAJ Reid Sawyer Executive Director, Combating Terrorism Center

Schweiss.jpg MAJ Christina M. Schweiss Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics