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Academy Professors

Photo Name Position Service Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCChacho LTC Tania Chacho Director - Comparative Politics Program US Army 845.938.7758  
Photo of COLJebb COL Cindy Jebb Professor and Department Head US Army 845.938.2800  
Photo of LTCLyle LTC David S. Lyle Director - Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis US Army 845.938.3329  
Photo of COLNielsen COL Suzanne Nielsen Professor and Deputy Department Head US Army 845.938.2800  
Photo of COLPeterson COL Jeffrey Peterson Director - Economics Program US Army 845.938.4002  


Civilian Faculty

Photo Name Position Service Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Babcock-Lumish Dr. Terry Babcock-Lumish Assistant Professor (Economics) DoD Civilian 845.938.4001  
Photo of Dr.Beitler Dr. Ruth Beitler Professor of Comparative Politics DoD Civilian 845.938.3999  
Photo of Dr.Bloom Dr. Steven Bloom Assistant Professor (Economics) DoD Civilian 845.938.2238  
Photo of Dr.Canuel Dr. Ed Canuel Visiting Professor Department of State DoD Civilian 845.938.0215  
Photo of Dr.Carter Dr. Susan Carter Assistant Professor, OEMA (Economics) DoD Civilian 845.938.0871  
Photo of Dr.Coumbe Dr. Arthur Coumbe Assistant Professor (OEMA) DoD Civilian 845.938.5303  
Photo of Mr.Dodwell Mr. Brian Dodwell Instructor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.0372  
Photo of Dr.Dudley Dr. Dean Dudley Associate Professor (Economics) Title X 845.938.3198  
Photo of Dr.Helfstein Dr. Scott Helfstein Assistant Professor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.0669  
Photo of COL (Ret.)Jacobs COL (Ret.) Jack Jacobs Robert F. McDermott Professor of Humanities & Public Affairs DoD Civilian 845.938.3346  
Photo of Mr.Joyce Mr. Eric Joyce Instructor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.0412  
Photo of Mr.Koehler-Derrick Mr. Gabriel Koehler-Derrick Instructor (CTC) ​​ DoD Civilian 845.938.2899  
Photo of Dr.Lahoud Dr. Nelly Lahoud Associate Professor (CTC) ​ DoD Civilian 845.938.5055  
Photo of Dr.Liebert Dr. Hugh Liebert Assistant Professor (American Politics, Policy, and Strategy DoD Civilian 845.938.3454  
Photo of Dr.Milton Dr. Daniel Milton Assistant Professor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.0671  
Photo of Dr.Mitchell Dr. Benjamin Mitchell Assistant Professor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) DoD Civilian 845.938.2757  
Photo of Dr.Perliger Dr. Arie Perliger Associate Professor (CTC) ​ DoD Civilian 845.938.0412  
Photo of Dr.Person Dr. Robert Person Assistant Professor (International Relations) DoD Civilian 845.938.3345  
Photo of Mr.Quinn Mr. Joseph Quinn Instructor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.0668  
Photo of Mr.Rassler Mr. Don Rassler Assistant Professor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.8549  
Photo of Dr.Sherlock Dr. Thomas Sherlock Professor of Political Science DoD Civilian 845.938.2864  
Photo of Dr.Silverstone Dr. Scott Silverstone Professor (International Relations) DoD Civilian 845.938.3331  
Photo of Dr.Smith Dr. John Smith Associate Professor (OEMA) DoD Civilian 845.938.0856  
Photo of Dr.Sondheimer Dr. Rachel Sondheimer Associate Professor (American Politics, Policy, and Strategy Title X 845.938.3894  
Photo of Mr.Vigna Mr. John Vigna Assistant Professor (OEMA) DoD Civilian 845.938.0854  
Photo of Mr.Walsh Mr. Thomas Walsh Department of State Visiting Professor, Juris Doctor -N/A- 845.938.0215  
Photo of Mrs.Yon Mrs. Rachel Yon Instructor (CTC) DoD Civilian 845.938.8495  
Photo of Mr.Yon Mr. Richard Yon Instructor (American Politics, Policy, and Strategy) DoD Civilian 845.938.3498  


Rotating Military Faculty

Photo Name Position Service Duty Phone  
Photo of MAJBecker MAJ Jordan Becker Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3486  
Photo of MAJBell MAJ Richard Bell Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.5681  
Photo of LTCBrickey LTC Jon Brickey Instructor, Army Cyber Command Fellow US Army 845.938.3836  
Photo of MAJBukowski MAJ Raven Bukowski Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.2811  
Photo of MAJChamberlain MAJ Robert Chamberlain Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3738  
Photo of MAJChildress MAJ John Childress Assistant Professor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.0855  
Photo of MAJCumpston MAJ Meghan Cumpston Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3144  
Photo of MAJDa Silva MAJ Joseph Da Silva Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3455  
Photo of LTCFaint LTC Charles Faint Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3497  
Photo of MAJForester MAJ Brian Forester Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.2932  
Photo of LTCGade LTC Daniel Gade Assistant Professor and Academic Counselor (APPS) US Army 845.938.3866  
Photo of MAJGolby MAJ James Golby Assistant Professor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.2748  
Photo of MAJGrassetti MAJ Jessica Grassetti Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.3496  
Photo of Lt ColHagen Lt Col John Hagen Assistant Professor (International Relations) and Dept XO USAF 845.938.3795  
Photo of CPTHarrison CPT Michael Harrison Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.3482  
Photo of LTCHeckel LTC Kenneth Heckel Assistant Professor (Economics) US Army 845.938.4732  
Photo of MAJHimmelberger MAJ Liesl Himmelberger Assistant Professor (Economics) US Army 845.938.2857  
Photo of MAJJohnston MAJ Jacob Johnston Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.4275  
Photo of MAJJohnston MAJ Seth Johnston Assistant Professor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.2866  
Photo of MAJKendall MAJ John Kendall Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.3793  
Photo of MAJKovatch MAJ Bonnie Kovatch Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3411  
Photo of MAJLacovara MAJ James Lacovara Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.3383  
Photo of MAJLewis MAJ Charlie Lewis Department Executive Officer US Army 845.938.3795  
Photo of MAJLinn MAJ Samuel Linn Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.3697  
Photo of CPTMiller CPT Aaron Miller Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.5797  
Photo of MAJMiller MAJ Brian Miller Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.5308  
Photo of MAJMitchell MAJ Brian Mitchell Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.2996  
Photo of CPTMorrow CPT John Morrow Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.3332  
Photo of MAJMower MAJ Abby Mower Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3044  
Photo of MAJMun MAJ David Mun Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.5212  
Photo of MAJMurphy MAJ Fran Murphy Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.5349  
Photo of MAJPeters MAJ Paul Peters Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.2342  
Photo of MAJPost MAJ Riley Post Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.3559  
Photo of MAJPrice MAJ Bryan Price Director, Combating Terrorism Center US Army 845.938.6270  
Photo of MAJRamsey MAJ Renee Ramsey Instructor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.3499  
Photo of MAJRosol MAJ Michael Rosol Assistant Professor (International Relations) US Army 845.938.4008  
Photo of CPTScher CPT Adam Scher Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.3946  
Photo of LTCSchultz LTC Todd Schultz Assistant Professor (Economics) US Army 845.938.4015  
Photo of MAJSimmons MAJ Brittany Simmons Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy) US Army 845.938.3337  
Photo of LTCSkimmyhorn LTC William Skimmyhorn Assistant Professor (Economics) Deputy Director OEMA US Army 845.938.4285  
Photo of MAJWalker MAJ Michael Walker Instructor (Economics) US Army 845.938.5797