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Photo Name Position  
Photo of CPTArchuleta CPT Brandon Archuleta Instructor (American Politics)  
Photo of MAJBaxter MAJ Corbett Baxter Instructor (American Politics)  
Photo of Dr.Beitler Dr. Ruth Beitler Professor of Comparative Politics  
Photo of CPTBell CPT Patrick Bell Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of Dr.Bloom Dr. Steven Bloom Assistant Professor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJBolding MAJ Perry Bolding Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of Dr.Borghard Dr. Erica Borghard Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Brantly Dr. Aaron Brantly Assistant Professor (International Relations)  
Photo of MAJBurns MAJ Thomas Burns Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of Dr.Canuel Dr. Ed Canuel Visiting Professor Department of State  
Photo of Dr.Carter Dr. Susan Carter Assistant Professor, OEMA (Economics)  
Photo of COLChacho COL Tania Chacho Director - Comparative Politics Program  
Photo of MAJChamberlain MAJ Robert Chamberlain Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of Dr.Coumbe Dr. Arthur Coumbe Assistant Professor (OEMA)  
Photo of MAJCumpston MAJ Meghan Cumpston Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of CPTDavies CPT Evan Davies Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of Mr.Dodwell Mr. Brian Dodwell Instructor (CTC)  
Photo of Dr.Dudley Dr. Dean Dudley Associate Professor (Economics)  
Photo of LTCFaint LTC Charles Faint Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of MAJFitzgerald MAJ Chad Fitzgerald Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of MAJForester MAJ Brian Forester Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy)  
Photo of MAJGarner MAJ Thomas (Nate) Garner Instructor (American Politics)  
Photo of CPTGreenberg CPT Kyle Greenberg Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of LTCHeckel LTC Kenneth Heckel Assistant Professor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJHimmelberger MAJ Liesl Himmelberger Assistant Professor (Economics)  
Photo of COL (Ret.)Jacobs COL (Ret.) Jack Jacobs Robert F. McDermott Professor of Humanities & Public Affairs  
Photo of COLJebb COL Cindy Jebb Professor and Department Head  
Photo of MAJJohnston MAJ Seth Johnston Assistant Professor (International Relations)  
Photo of Dr.Kofoed Dr. Michael Kofoed Assistant Professor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJKovatch MAJ Bonnie Kovatch Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of MAJKreeger MAJ Steven Kreeger Instructor (American Politics)  
Photo of MAJKriz MAJ Patrick Kriz Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of CPTKrupski CPT Kevin Krupski Instructor (American Politics)  
Photo of Dr.Lahoud Dr. Nelly Lahoud Associate Professor (CTC) ​  
Photo of MAJLewis MAJ Charlie Lewis Department Executive Officer  
Photo of Dr.Liebert Dr. Hugh Liebert Assistant Professor (American Politics, Policy, and Strategy  
Photo of MAJLonergan MAJ Shawn Lonergan Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of LTCLyle LTC David S. Lyle Director - Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis  
Photo of MAJMcGovney MAJ Mary McGovney Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of MAJMiller MAJ Brian Miller Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJMiller MAJ Aaron Miller Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of Dr.Milton Dr. Daniel Milton Assistant Professor (CTC)  
Photo of Dr.Mitchell Dr. Benjamin Mitchell Assistant Professor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy)  
Photo of MAJMitchell MAJ Brian Mitchell Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJMorrow MAJ John Morrow Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy)  
Photo of MAJMun MAJ David Mun Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of COLNielsen COL Suzanne Nielsen Professor and Deputy Department Head  
Photo of Dr.Perliger Dr. Arie Perliger Associate Professor (CTC) ​  
Photo of Dr.Person Dr. Robert Person Assistant Professor (International Relations)  
Photo of MAJPinheiro MAJ Cole Pinheiro Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of Dr.Porter Dr. Geoff Porter Assistant Professor  
Photo of MAJPost MAJ Riley Post Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of LTCPrice LTC Bryan Price Director, Combating Terrorism Center  
Photo of MAJRamsey MAJ Renee Ramsey Instructor (International Relations)  
Photo of Mr.Rassler Mr. Don Rassler Assistant Professor (CTC)  
Photo of MAJRetherford MAJ Brian Retherford Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJScher MAJ Adam Scher Instructor (American Politics, Policy & Strategy)  
Photo of LTCSchultz LTC Todd Schultz Assistant Professor (Economics)  
Photo of Dr.Sherlock Dr. Thomas Sherlock Professor of Political Science  
Photo of Dr.Silverstone Dr. Scott Silverstone Professor (International Relations)  
Photo of LTCSkimmyhorn LTC William Skimmyhorn Assistant Professor (Economics) Deputy Director OEMA  
Photo of Dr.Smith Dr. John Smith Associate Professor (OEMA)  
Photo of MAJSolheim MAJ Kent Solheim Instructor (CTC)  
Photo of Dr.Sondheimer Dr. Rachel Sondheimer Associate Professor (American Politics, Policy, and Strategy  
Photo of LTCSquires LTC Michael Squires Instructor (Economics)  
Photo of MAJStrickland MAJ Nathan Strickland Instructor (American Politics)  
Photo of Mr.Vigna Mr. John Vigna Assistant Professor (OEMA)  
Photo of MAJWalker MAJ Michael Walker Assistant Professor (OEMA)  
Photo of Mr.Yon Mr. Richard Yon Instructor (American Politics, Policy, and Strategy)  
Photo of Mrs.Yon Mrs. Rachel Yon Instructor (CTC)