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Have some questions? Look below to see if you can find the answer you are looking for. If not, then go to the Contact page to fill out our general inquiry form and someone will get you an answer as soon as possible.
What is AIAD?
The Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD) Program in the Department of Social Sciences (SOSH) places around 150-200 cadets on both international and domestic internships each summer. The AIAD program complements cadet education by providing them with practical experiences during the summer months.
Who joins SOSH AIAD?
Cadets of all majors are welcome to apply for SOSH AIADs
What language must cadets know prior to joining international SOSH AIAD's?
Some AIADs require language abilities but there are plenty of AIADs where no language is required.
Will there be time to travel while I am doing my AIAD abroad?
During the international AIAD you will have time to travel within the framework of the program and before or after if your schedule allows
What are the project dates?
The program dates vary and are spread throughout the summer to make it convenient for cadets to match up an AIAD with their other summer requirements.
What types of projects are available?
We have a variety of domestic and international programs available. Please check available programs on our website.
How far in advance do I need to apply?
Apply in CIS when Cadet Selection opens
What age (Class Year) group does your program attract?
All year groups can apply, but we do give priority to rising seniors. However, because of summer schedules, we do have a good mix of different year groups on our programs. In other words, everyone is encouraged to apply!
What are the pre-departure requirement(s) for AIAD?
You will work closely with your AIAD coordinator or OIC to complete your pre-departure requirements. At the very least, all cadets who are applying for international AIADs should have a blue/tourist passport. If you do not have one, please get one immediately. You will also be required to apply for a red/official passport. You will work with your coordinator to complete that requirement. Cadets are responsible to getting all their paperwork in on time or risk missing out on the AIAD. You will also be required to participate in a focus group and survey to assist in important research that will benefit the Academy and the Army.
What are the post-arrival requirement(s) for AIAD?
You are required to complete an AAR, thank you note to donors, focus group and survey. You are also required to complete your TDY voucher so that you can get paid correctly for your summer. You are also requested to send in your pictures from your summer experience so that we can share them with the Academy and donors
What if my AIAD requires Secret Clearance for higher level of clearance which I have not applied yet?
Most AIADs do not require a clearance and most cadets do have an interim or final secret clearance. If you require a higher level clearance, you will work closely with your AIAD coordinator.
Can I go on consecutive programs in different locations?
Although this is possible, we do try to give AIADs to cadets who have not had one.
I already have done SOSH AIAD or other departments's AIAD's in previous years, can I apply for SOSH AIAD again?
Yes. We do try to give AIADs to those who have not yet had one, but because of cadet schedules there are sometimes openings that we need to fill.
Who do I need to contact to start my application process?
Please email with your request.
How do you determine my AIAD project?
You will complete a preference sheet online with your choices for AIADs. You will then be required to interview for the position.