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Department of Social Sciences : Scholarship Opportunities

Fulbright Scholarship:

The Fulbright is a State Department funded initiative that facilitates overseas research, education, and cultural exchanges. As cadets, you are eligible to apply for the Academic U.S. Student Grant, which funds a one-year Master's degree at a foreign institution. It is an incredible opportunity for a young officer and will pay dividends both in the short and long-term.  


Link to Internal Fulbright Sharepoint


East-West Scholarship:

The East-West Center was founded by Congress in 1960 and is affiliated with the University of Hawaii.  It conducts a wide variety of research and educational programs of global significance, but is particularly concentrated on issues confronting East Asia.  As cadets, you are allowed to apply for the East-West Graduate Degree Fellowship.  You will live in residence at the East-West Center while pursuing a two-year Master’s degree in the program of your choice at the University of Hawaii.  Importantly, this is not just a language or area studies program.  Asia faces a wide range of issues that require excellent scientists and engineers.  The East-West Center has ongoing research on environmental change, population and health, education, and Pacific islands development that could be of interest to a broad cross-section of the cadet population and has relevance to every major offered at the Academy. 


For additional information on these scholarship opportunities, please contact Dr. Robert Person at