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UJSS Interviews

Interview with Ambassador Robert Hutchings
  Ambassador Robert Hutchings, former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, recently visited West Point and sat with the UJSS staff, where he gave his thoughts on the intelligence process and a variety of other issues. PDF
Interview with Richard Engel
  Richard Engel, chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, recently sat down with the UJSS Staff and offered his insight on a variety of compelling topics. PDF
Interview with Paul Begala
The UJSS team is proud to present the debut of our new Interview Series with legendary political strategist Paul Begala. PDF
Interview with Congressman Robert "Bob" Barr, Jr.
  Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia's 7th District, 1995-2003. In an interview with the UJSS, Congressman Barr discussed the future of the Tea Party, public opinion of the Obama presidency, the constitutionality of healthcare legislation, and future issues confronting the Libertarian Party and the United States. PDF
Interview with Congressman Charles Joseph Scarborough
  Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 1st District, 1995-2001. In an interview with the UJSS, Mr. Scarborough discussed his election in 1994, the future of the Republican Party, the role of the United States in international organizations, and the future of Iraq and Somalia. PDF
Interview with Congressman Ike Skelton
Congressman Skelton spoke to an assembly of West Point Cadets on his experience as the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and a Senior Congressman. Congressman Skelton specifically addressed the role of the Congress in influencing military policy. PDF
Interview with Colonel Lawrence B. Wilkerson (Ret.)
Colonel Wilkerson discussed the lack of strategic consideration in American Foreign Policy, the value of perspective when considering grand strategy, Iraq and Afghanistan, the global financial crisis, and the "strategic choice" facing the United States that would be codified in the 2010 defense budget. Colonel Wilkerson elaborated on his thoughts in an exclusive interview with the UJSS, discussing policymaking in the United States and the Congressional-Military-Industrial complex. PDF