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Dr. Stephen Finn
  • UNH ’88
  • UToronto ’90
  • New School ’95
  • Villanova ‘2002
Dr. Stephen Finn has been teaching at West Point for over four years after moving to the area from Seattle. His course is PY201 and he also serves as Assistant Director for the Center for Faculty Excellence. He’s been playing Ultimate longer than his Cadets have been alive, and he has four National Championships to show for it. His skill and talent for the game have provided him a vast resume of accomplishments in the Ultimate world and his vast experience has made him the greatest of coaches. With his guidance, our team has made vast strides in all walks of Ultimate—offensive and defensive strategy, fundamental skills, and everlasting spirit. He is one of the greatest teachers of Ultimate that the sport has ever encountered, and we are lucky to have him here. This is Dr. Finn clinching his fourth Nationals title.
MAJ Brian Wade
Former OIC
  • CME/AV
  • USMA ’01
  • Ga. Tech ‘09
As an Army Aviator, MAJ Wade is no stranger to Ultimate. It’s common knowledge that all aviators do in their free time is play Ultimate, so, naturally, when he arrived back here in 2010, MAJ Wade sought to get involved with our club. MAJ Wade is the officer who carried on the efforts of those before him (MAJ William Wright and MAJ Doug Willig) to see this club win DCA recognition. His tireless efforts working through the kinks of learning a new system allowed us to have a very successful first season. He travelled on two of our three trips, undertaking the difficult task of baby-sitting Cadets with a kind sense of humor. He was always there when we needed him, and we wish him the best of luck in his career as he transitions to an assignment with the Center for Army Analysis in Washington, DC.
MAJ Kevin Arnett
  • CME/EN
  • USMA ’01
  • Cal-Berkeley ‘11
MAJ Arnett joined the ranks of OICs earlier this semester and came with the team on our first trip. His primary duty is teaching in the Civil Engineering Department. Though not very experienced in the sport of Ultimate at the college level, his competence in planning allowed a smooth run-through of the team’s first-ever trip section as a club. He made sure all of the paperwork was straight before we ever stepped off and is continually involved in the planning of future events to keep the team working smarter, not harder. We look forward to welcoming MAJ Arnett back next year as our head OIC. The following link includes video of MAJ Arnett wishing his mother a happy mother’s day from Iraq.