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Athletics Staff 
Name ​Title ​Phone
Executive Staff

MAJ Wes Stewart

Interim ​Director of Athletics


Anthony Diange

​Assistant Athletic Director


CPT Scott Clark ​Operations Officer ​845-938-1964
​Dr. Dave Borowicz ​Incoming Athletic Director ​845-938-1962
Athletic Training
Tim Hansen ​Head Athletic Trainer ​845-938-1967
Robby Vought ​Assistant Athletic Trainer ​845-938-1963

Nick Thorsen

​Head Basketball Coach


2LT Scott Mammel ​Basketball Athletic Intern

Andy Wolfrum

​Head Football Coach


Chris Nichols

​Head Strength and Conditioning Coach / Assistant Football Coach


2LT Andrew King

​Football Athletic Intern

2LT Colby Enegren

​Football Athletic Intern


​2LT Matt Kaufman ​Football Athletic Intern
​2LT Steve Johnson ​Football Athletic Intern
Anthony Diange ​Head Lacrosse Coach ​845-938-1961
2LT Reeves Klipstein ​Lacrosse Athletic Intern
​2LT James Jaroscak ​Soccer Athletic Intern
Track and Field / Cross Country
​CPT Steve Zhang ​Head Track and Field / Cross Country Coach
​Dennis Kozub
CPT Scott Clark ​Head Wrestling Coach ​845-938-1964
Cameron Simaz ​Associate Head Wrestling Coach