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Battalion Tactical Department

CCBT-73.JPGThe Battalion Tactical Department (BTD) oversees the military training of the cadet candidates while they are at USMAPS.  
The BTD begins training on the very first day the cadet candidates arrive with a four-week candidate orientation called Cadet Candidate Basic Training. During this period of time, cadet candidates learn basic military skills such as drill and ceremonies, military courtesies (i.e. saluting), recognizing ranks, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, etc.
Cadet candidates also learn the Army Values; loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. Cadet candidates are also instructed on the values systems of West Point and West Point Prep.
Cadet Candidate Basic Training culminates with an eight-day Field Training Exercise. Training includes land navigation, familiarization with the M-4 rifle, and various obstacle courses.
Military training does not end after Cadet Candidate Basic Training. During the academic year, the BTD continues training in other areas. Those areas include leadership development, ethics,
personal development and peer leadership.