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United States Military Academy Preparatory School : Center for Enhanced Performance

Center for Enhanced Performance Department

The Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP) contributes to the purpose and mission of the United States Military Academy Preparatory School by committing to the full potential of each Cadet Candidates' (CCs) comprehensive performance maintenance.
CEP pursues this vision by teaching a unique combination of reading, study skills, and applied performance psychology skills that assist CCs in becoming self-directed learners. It empowers CCs to actively pursue their full academic, physical/athletic, and military potential. CEP promotes personal and professional growth, which is characterized by mutual respect, cohesion, and dedication to lifelong learning.
Student Development Course (SDC)
All CCs enroll in SDC each quarter. The objective of SDC is to empower Cadet Candidates to actively pursue their full academic, physical, and military leadership potential at USMAPS in order to better prepare them for success at USMA. Quarters 1 & 2 focus on study strategies and life skills such as time management, note taking, test preparation, goal-setting, and stress management. Quarters 3 & 4 focus on reading skills, such as comprehension and speed, critical thinking, and the transition to USMA.
The CEP instructors meet with CCs one-on-one and in small group sessions for individualized assistance in performance enhancement strategies and life-skills, and to track academic progress. The CEP also coordinates the CC Development Teams (CDTs), which are specific to each CC and comprised of the student’s CEP, English and Math instructors, TAC, and coach. These CDTs monitor individual CC’s performance and ensure that no CC “falls through the cracks.”
Tutoring/Study Groups
The CEP coordinates tutoring and “study buddies” to assist CCs in achieving academic success.