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Cadet Candidates finish the Cadet Fitness Assessment (CFA) with the one mile run. Cadet Candidates being tested on pull-ups during the CFA. Female cadet candidates have the option to do the flexed arm hang. Cadet Candidates are graded on their push-ups during the CFA and APFT tests. Sit-ups are also tested during the CFA and APFT.

Core Curriculum:

The Department of Physical Education & Athletics provides the Cadet Candidates with a core curriculum that echoes the United States Military Academy's core curriculum of Military Movement, Functional Fitness, Weightlifting, and Swimming.  Through physical education and athletics, we strive to develop Cadet Candidates in all aspects of physical development to better prepare them to become warrior leaders of character who are physcially and mentally tough.  Our leadership also promotes the Army Values in all facets of our Cadet Candidates' lives, encouraging a lifestyle of balance, healthy choices, and physical fitness, while inculcating a climate of dignity and respect.​
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Cadet Fitness Assessment:

All Cadet Candidates are required to take and pass the Cadet Fitness Assessment (CFA) as a requirement for admission to the United States Military Academy.  The CFA, like the Army Physical Fitness Test, requires training and dedication to pass and to sustain.  One common issue is that many Cadet Candidates fail because they do not continue their training to sustain their physical fitness.  We recommend that all Cadet Candidates download the CFA instructions and utilize the resources provided on this page (FM 7-22 and related links) to help prepare and sustain a physical fitness level that will enable them to pass the exam.​
- CFA Instructions

- Pull Ups

- Flexed Arm Hang

Army Physical Fitness Test:

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is required for all Soldiers in the United States Army.  At USMAPS, Cadet Candidates take an APFT every academic quarter.  They will take two diagnostic (1st Quarter & 3rd Quarter) and two record (2nd Quarter & 4th Quater) APFTs during their tenure at USMAPS.  These fitness tests contribute to their physical education class grade.  Like the CFA, preparation and training is essential to achieve and sustain the Army APFT standard.  For more information on how to train for the APFT, including repetition goals, follow the link below.​



During Cadet Candidate Basic Training, a swim test is conducted for all Cadet Candidates to assess their ability.  For individuals who require more development, we offer a six-week course that develops the Cadet Candidates in preparation for their first-year physical requirements and for Survival Swimming at the USMA.  More information about the swim requirements can be found at USMA’s Department of Physical Education website:



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