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The West Point Prep Life

The Prep School is committed to the preparation of every candidate for total success at West Point. Cadet Candidates are challenged to pursue goals in seven areas:
USMAPS has a simple standard: "We expect Cadet Candidates to do what is right - all the time." Character is the foundation for all we do and its development in each of our candidates is central to our purpose.
Cadet Candidates are introduced to education as a lifelong endeavor. They prepare themselves by developing speaking, writing and reading skills, learning to think critically and logically and learning to master fundamental mathematical principles.
Cadet Candidates develop and learn habits of health and fitness. They learn the importance of staying fit and the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. They begin to accept responsibility for their own well being.
Cadet Candidates learn to appreciate individual and cultural differences in an environment which fosters equal opportunity for all and does not tolerate sexual harassment in any form. They interact with people who are different from themselves in the classroom, in the barracks, on the sports fields, and during off duty recreational time.
Cadet Cadidates prepare to take their place at West Point and in a challenging Army profession by learning to understand their own strength and weaknesses, setting academic and career goals, and developing a stong work ethic.
Cadet Candidates learn how to live in a community by respecting their fellow candidates and the environment, serving the community and sharing pride in their school and West Point.
Cadet Candidates begin to understand who they are by managing their emotions, internalizing the values and principles which guide West Point and the profession of arms, learning how to make decisions and solve problems, and demonstrating personal responsibilty.