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Mission and Goals

The Mission of the United States Military Academy Preperatory School's (USMAPS) Department of Athletics is to contribute to the achievement of the USMAPS physical program goals by providing Cadet Candidates the opportunity to compete at their highest level and prepare them for admission to the United States Military Academy at West Point.
Inspire all Cadet Candidates to commit to and strive for excellence in the academic, military, and physical realms of the USMAPS experience.
Ensure all Cadet Candidates meet the physical assessment standards required for admission to West Point.
Promote character and leadership development in all Cadet Candidates by emphasizing a motivational learning environment and affording opportunities of spirited and challenging competition.
Sustain a first-class varsity athletic program that highlights thorough preparation, unity of effort, and teamwork among coaches, players, and managers.
Motivate recruited athletes to reach their fullest potential and prepare them for competition at the highest intercollegiate level of athletics.