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Visiting West Point : Memorial Affairs FAQs

Memorial Affairs Frequently Asked Questions
How can I contact the cemetery?
Contact the cemetery office at (845) 938-2504 or fax the Graduates' Military Discharge Form (DD214) or Retirement Orders to the office at fax (845) 938-5232.

How can I arrange/schedule a burial?
Step by Step: Upon the passing of the Graduate or their dependent, contact the cemetery via phone or fax and provide military service document (proof of service can be the DD214 or a Retired ID card, DA Form 2A) and the death certificate to our office here. Then, follow up with a phone call to 845-938-2504 schedule which date/time slot you prefer (10AM or 130PM Monday thru Fridays except for government holidays).

You should safe guard and then transport the cremains (which can be mailed registered mail) once the date for the burial is scheduled. Meet about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled service for the family’s “FINAL SALUTE”. A plot and government upright marble headstone can be provided at no charge to the family. Other services are military funeral honors ( which includes the playing of taps, folding and presenting of the flag to the next of kin.

We can accept standard size urn (secured container) at our inground cremation sites. And the propriety conical urns for inside columbaria niches at the Old Cadet Chapel.

What burial/mortuary services are offered?
Currently, we offer burial options of casketed burials inground; cremated burials inground or cremated burials inside the columbaria niches within the Old Cadet Chapel. Indoor niche cremations require a specialized urn liner which the family/funeral home may procure by contacting Armento Liturgical Arts, PO Box 39, Buffalo, NY 14217-0039 ph: 716-875-2423.

Active Duty Casualties within 50 miles of West Point may be provided Mortuary Services Assistance by the G1 staff.

Where are we?
We are located at 329 Washington Road, West Point, New York 10996 inside the Memorial Affairs Building, first floor of building 329. (note: GPS Coordinates are W 73 degrees 57.968 minutes; N 41 degrees 23.954 minutes.)

When can I schedule an interment?
We conduct burial services at either 10am or 130pm time slots during the workweek, Monday through Friday excluding Federal Holidays. We may also have certain dates blocked for burials due to the US Corps of Cadets Academic Calendar Year Activities (i.e. Graduation Week).

How do I arrange or schedule an interment?
For initial burials, please fill out the attached, USMA Form 7-100, which can be prepared by the Next of Kin or Funeral Home. This form can then be faxed along with the cremation certificate (or burial permit) and the Graduate’s Military Discharge. Include the contact person’s email, address and call back phone number to make an eligibility determination and to finalize/confirm that the requested burial can take place.

When can I visit the cemetery grounds?
You may visit the cemetery grounds from sunrise to sunset seven days a week. The Old Cadet Chapel indoor Columbaria is opened for visitation from 9:00 am to 4:30pm daily.

What is your floral policy?
You can locate our floral policy at the gravelocator and visitor information area at Building 329 on the cemetery grounds, as well.

What kind of headstone or marker can I arrange to place at my loved ones gravesite or at the indoor columbaria?
Either a small (24 inch base) private stone (at cost to the family) or a government upright marble headstone may be provided at no charge to the family. Government headstones are ordered within 30 days while the temporary marker marks the gravesite of the deceased. An upright marble white headstone may be provided to mark the gravesite of a loved one or to commemorate an eligible Veteran's unrecovered remains, scattered ashes or those remains buried at sea. Such "IN MEMORY OF" headstones may be provided at no charge to the family to commemorate the service of the eligible Veteran (with proof of military service, discharge or other valid military documents provided).

If the family desires, a private stone (24 inch base) may be procured at the family's cost only for outdoor gravesites. A script of the private stone should be reviewed and approved in writing by the cemetery office prior to installation (Fax the script to 845-938-5232). Any private stones which are not in compliance with the decor of the cemetery may be removed and replaced with a government marker. Private stones should be erected within 120 days after interment.

Other helpful resources for the Graduate is the Association of Graduates, 698 Mills Road, West Point, NY 10996 or The staff at AOG may be able to assist in the rental of a reception hall, provide details on the memorial ring program, arranging for floral delivery to the gravesite on a quarterly basis. The staff at AOG and at the West Point Cemetery are here to serve the US Corps of Cadets and the Long Gray Line.