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West Point Negotiation Project : Cadet Development

Cadet Development

Brown bag lunch sessions
Monthly “brown bag” lunches for cadets feature speakers from the field of negotiation and senior cadets in the WPNP.  Above, cadets negotiate during a role-playing exercise as part of a brown bag.
Cadet-run training
WPNP Cadet Program members launched a pilot project, the “Basic Officer Negotiation Course,” during the Fall semester of 2011.  Cadets who had completed Negotiation for Leaders taught negotiation to other cadets who had not had the opportunity the take the course.
Research and projects
Selected WPNP Cadet Program members or other cadets interested in negotiation may conduct research during their junior and/or senior year at West Point.  Cadets may share their work through various means, including West Point Projects Day presentations and student conferences.
WPNP Cadet Program members have participated in summer internships (AIADs) with the FBI Academy, Los Angeles Police Department, GE Global Union Relations, ESPN, Boston Scientific, Institute for Creative Technologies, EastWest Institute, Defense Intelligence Agency, Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) and other organizations in various public and private institutions. Find out more here.
Negotiation education in the classroom
The WPNP works to integrate and improve the effectiveness of all negotiation education efforts at West Point.  All cadets at West Point are introduced to principled negotiation as part of their required leadership course, Military Leadership (PL300), during their junior year.  Many cadets also have the opportunity to take a negotiation elective, Negotiation for Leaders (MG390).  Other negotiation-related courses available to cadets include Winning the Peace (XH467) and International Conflict & Negotiation (SS476).