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West Point Negotiation Project Cadet Program 

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     Cadet Clay Garner         Cadet Gene Fogh       Cadet Andrew Oswald   Cadet Douglas Taylor      Cadet Aaron Beyer      Cadet Valerie Kutsch    

The cadet program is a major activity within the WPNP.  Under faculty supervision, cadets plan and execute outreach and cadet development efforts within the Corps of Cadets, such as the planning and execution of an annual negotiation workshop for West Point cadets and their counterparts from the Reserve Officer Training Corps and other military service academies. 
Cadets also assist WPNP faculty engaged in training operational units, advising and assisting military leaders engaged in real-world negotiations, researching, publishing, and otherwise reaching-out from West Point to influence the wider military.
Cadet fellows are selected cadets who have demonstrated a strong desire to help the WPNP serve the Corps of Cadets and the wider military.  Fellows are selected annually, from among cadet program participants.  All current cadet fellows have completed the course Negotiation for Leaders (MG390) and served as a teaching assistant on one or more WPNP mobile training teams, training either U.S. Navy SEALs; Army Civil Affairs troops; or military members of provincial reconstruction teams, mobilizing for deployment to Afghanistan.
The cadet-in-charge (CIC) of the WPNP cadet program is Cadet Clay Garner, USMA Class of 2014.  The assistant cadet-in-charge (ACIC) is Cadet Gene Fogh, USMA class of 2015.  The other WPNP cadet fellows for Academic Year 2013-2014 are Cadets Andrew Oswald ('14), Douglas Taylor ('14), Aaron Beyer ('15), and Valerie Kutsch ('15).