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Project History

In 2006 West Point's Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership introduced a negotiation elective, Negotiation for Leaders (MG390).  The course teaches cadets to recognize the broad range of human interactions which constitute negotiations and take a systematic approach to analysis of those situations.  Cadets learn to apply a 7-element framework based on the theory of principled negotiation, an interest-based approach developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project.  The course places special emphasis on building skill and culminates in a graded, role-playing, multi-party negotiation simulation.


The West Point Negotiation Project was founded in 2009, in response feedback from West Point graduates who had taken Negotiation for Leaders as cadets and then applied their learning as Army officers.  To increase impact on the U.S. military, the WPNP has more broadly engaged the Corps of Cadets at West Point, provided training and tools to operational units, and served as a catalyst for efforts to enhance negotiation skills across the U.S. military.  Major efforts include the WPNP cadet crogram, the West Point Negotiation Workshop, training to operational units, and projects to advise and assist military leaders engaged in real-world negotiations.wpnp_history02.jpg