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Negotiation reading for military professionals
Negotiation in the New Strategic Environment: Lessons from Iraq by Dr. David M. Tressler (Strategic Studies Institute)
Extreme Negotiations by Jeff Weiss, Aram Donigian, and Jonathan Hughes (Harvard Business Review)
Implementing Strategies in Extreme Negotiations by Jeff Weiss and Jonathan Hughes (Harvard Business Review)
The Military Diplomat by LTC Reyes Cole (Armed Forces Journal)
Cross-Cultural Negotiations by LTC Paul R. Horst (Air War College)
How to Negotiate in the Middle East by LTC William Wunderle (Military Review)
Afghan Culture Newsletter (Center for Army Lessons Learned)
How to Communicate Effectively Through Interpreters (Center for Army Lessons Learned)
Negotiating with Foreign Language-Speaking Subjects by Peter V. DiVasto (Law Enforcement Bulletin)
Negotiation Lessons Learned by an FBI Hostage Negotiator by Frederick J. Lanceley (The Negotiator Magazine)
Crisis Intervention: Using Active Listening Skills in Negotiation by Gary Noesner and Mike Webster (Law Enforcement Bulletin)
The Global Negotiator: 4 Critical Elements by Stephen Kozicki (The Negotiator Magazine)
U.S. Negotiating Behavior by Nigel Quinney (United States Institute of Peace)
Negotiation Primers
The Emerging Art of Negotiation by Margaret Lagace (Harvard Business School Research & Ideas)
Negotiation 101 by Prof. Mary P. Rowe (MIT Open Courseware)
Thoughts on Negotiating by Thomas Lee Hanks (
Improving Your Negotiating Skills: Tips Learned in the Trenches by David Wachtel (The Negotiator Magazine)

Beyond Formality: A better way to negotiate in Afganistan by MAJ Aram Donigan, Jeff Weiss, and Davood Moradian (Armed Force Journal, April 2013)

Failure to Engage: Current Negotiation Strategies and Approaches by Major Aram Donigan and Professor Weiss (Military Review, May-June 2012)

Toward a Better Way to Engage by
Major Aram Donigan, Professor Weiss, and Patrick Petitti (COIN Common Sense, April 2012)
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