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Welcome to the West Point Negotiation Project
 Enhancing the ability of military leaders to negotiate in complex, challenging situations during both war and peace.



2015 West Point Negotiation Workshop Brings Leaders Together to Enhance Negotiation Skills
West Point, New York -- April 2-3, 2015 


The 2015 West Point Negotation Workshop (WPNW) kicked off with over 100 partipants to include West Point Cadets, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets, a Foreign Cadet and Officer and Non-Commisoned Offices (NCOs) from the staff and faculuty stationed here at West Point.

During the workshop, cadets learned the importance of negotiation as a leader competency, were introduced to a framework for systematic analysis of negotiation situations, and practiced negotiating in a series of role-playing exercises. 

Cadets also heard from guest speakers, who helped them understand how they would use negotiation as junior officers.  Guest Speakers included LTG McMaster, LTC Larkowich, and SFC Rothrock. Cadets also heard from recent West Point graduates who took the course Negotiation for Leaders (MG390) as cadets and used negotiation skill while leading in the Army.


The West Point Negotiation Project is an effort within the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership's West Point Leadership Center.  The Project has no dedicated funds, faculty, or staff.  Support for specific events has come from the Department, the West Point Leadership Center, and the Network Science Center.  The Project was founded in 2009 with a small grant from the Army Research Institute.





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