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West Point Writing Program : Cadet_ePortfolios


The West Point Writing Program
Cadet Writer ePortfolios  (Overview, Policies)

Cadets maintain their Cadet Writer ePortfolios (CWPs) digitally through BlackBoard, where they collect SWEs from all WPWP-linked courses. These records support graduated, holistic assessment by documenting Cadet performance on a wide array of writing tasks. All portfolios include two parts:

1) individual Cadet products identified as Signature Writing Events (SWEs);

2) individual Faculty Assessment Rubrics of Cadet writer proficiency as demonstrated through SWEs.

Both components are compl​eted within the context of individual coures linked to the Writing Program. By graduation, as they progress through FYC, WiC, WiM, and WiP courses, almost all Cadets accumulate a minimum of nine entries in portfolios that ensure a more diverse, comprehensive, and accurate view of their writing abilities than hitherto possible. Every course that participates in the Writing Program yields one set of portfolio entries to a Cadet's portfolio.

In keeping with emerging portfolio-centered practices in higher education, these living archives also provide a way for Cadets to track their progress as writers and draw connections across their courses, fostering a more integrative education. On an institutional level, these portfolios will inform both further development of specific Cadets as well as longitudinal studies of Cadet writing generally and the effectiveness of various pedagogical approaches. 


CWP Policies​ (What Cadets Need to Know)

Cadets must upload the same SWEs that they submit to instructors to the appropriate folders in their BlackBoard course. SWEs should be uploaded to BlackBoard at the same time they are due to faculty. All Cadets are enrolled in a BlackBoard course specific to their Graduation Year that consitutes their 'Cadet Writer ePortfolios' (see example below).

Cadets who fail to keep their ePortfolios current and accurate will face negative consequences and be reported to their chain of command. Contact the WPWP's Program Manager with any questions.