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The West Point Writing Program


The Curriculum

Cadets face challenges as writers on a daily basis, in their academic courses and many other professional contexts at the Military Academy. Like its counterparts at civilian peer and aspirant institutions, the West Point Writing Program prepares Cadets to meet these challenges by focusing on a select number courses where attention to writing process and practice play enhanced roles.

The backbone of the Writing Program is made up of courses that occur at pivotal moments across four distinct yet interrelated curricular areas: First-Year Composition (FYC), Writing-in-the-Core (WiC), Writing-in-the-Major (WiM), and Writing-in-the-Profession (WiP). Together, courses in these fields draw on our Pedagogical Model to foster a continuous, progressive education in writing in which Cadets begin with courses in general composition and gradually study more diverse and discipline-specific forms of writing and communication. At the heart of it all are the Cadet Writer ePortfolios (CWPs) that catalog Signature Writing Events from these courses and help West Point assess the progress and proficiency of all Cadet writers.