Validation and Advanced Placement


"Cadets may be excused from (validate) certain core courses if they have sufficient knowledge of a subject to meet appropriate departmental standards. Credit earned in other colleges, Advanced Placement Examination scores, and tests administered at the Military Academy are considered in validation decisions. Advanced Placement Examination scores may be used in mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, social sciences, and foreign languages. Validation of a core course allows a cadet to substitute an additional elective in place of a core course. If a cadet shows unusual ability or has prior knowledge of the subject, but does not validate the course, he/she may be enrolled in an advanced or accelerated version."

Advice to Parents

The Advanced Placement (AP) test scores are used by academic departments as one piece of information to determine advanced placement or validation for new cadets. USMA also provides its own testing to determine placement in the standard course, the advanced course or validation of the course. Five different departments provide USMA placement testing/validation opportunities to new cadets during the month of July. An AP score of 5 in European, US, or World History is necessary to validate a history course. The departments of mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, and English consider AP scores of 4 or 5 in their evaluation process. However, the final determination regarding course validation or placement is based on a combination of factors including in-house testing.


Students who are considering attending USMA will list USMA (code: 2924) as an AP score recipient. If the cadet has been accepted at USMA and did not list USMA as a score recipient, he/she can request their AP transcripts be sent to USMA (US Military Academy, ATTN: O/Dean – ORD, Bldg 600 Rm 112, Swift Road, West Point, NY 10996 – 1905) by phoning 1-888-CALL-4-AP. The cadet will need to provide his/her Soc Sec No., birth date, and home address. The processing fee is $25.00 and can be paid either by credit card or billed to the home address. Scores should arrive electronically within 2 business days. AP scores should be requested no later than the second week in July, if the cadet is beginning school in the fall term.

Transfer Credit

USMA does not transfer prior credits from other institutions of higher education. Official transcripts with a grade of “B” or better from other colleges will be reviewed for validation credit. Cadets who validate courses may choose to take additional electives or request consideration for the advanced course in the respective subject. The final decision for validated credit is determined by the appropriate department.

Academic Affairs & Registrar Services

 Updated as of: 20 June 2018