Cadet Student Services

The following is a list of resources available to you as a cadet at the United States Military Academy (USMA).  In addition to these resources, use the various military books (Red Book - academics; Green Book - military; White Book - physical; and Gold Book - character) along with the West Point app for information.  Additionally, talk to your advisor, make visits to offices on campus, ask questions, get involved!

Emergency - you can always call 911 in an emergency.  Military Police can be contacted at 845-938-3333.

Other important phone numbers:

  • West Point Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Hotline: 845-659-7467
  • Center for Personal Development (CPD): 845-938-3022
  • Central Guard Room: 845-938-3030
  • 24/7 Chaplain: 845-401-8171

Cadets and faculty are also encouraged to download/install the Live Safe app which provides real-time information about on-post emergencies and/or security related issues. Live Save app icon:

The list below is organized by topic in alphabetical order.  This will provide contact/website information. Items indicated by * are also available to cadets on the Cadet Information System (CIS).  Much of this information may also be found on the West Point app:

Athletics - Athletics are an integral part of the cadet experience as it allows individuals to develop and maintain optimal levels of strength, endurance, mobility, agility, speed, power, balance and coordination required to meet the demands encountered in military service.  The competitive sports program is an integral part of the West Point Leader Development System (WPLDS).  Every cadet must participate in athletics in a category of competition consistent with one's ability and interest during each academic term.  There are three categories of competition at West Point: Company Athletics (CA), Competitive Club Athletics (CCA), and Corps Squad (intercollegiate) Athletics.

  • Company Athletics - contact the Director of Competitive Sports at 845-938-5429
  • Competitive Club Athletics - contact the coordinator at 845-938-6264
  • Intercollegiate Athletics - see the staff directory for the specific sport

A comprehensive list of the different sports and their schedule, access to tickets and other fan related topics may be found at:

Academics - All academic programs and majors are led by the Dean of the Academic Board.  The Dean's mission is to:

  • Educate and inspire leaders of character who think critically, internalize their professional identity, and employ their education to help build the Army and the Nation's future by delivering top-tier undergraduate curriculum that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and by developing the leadership abilities and character of cadets in and out of the classroom.
  • To develop all faculty and staff with special emphasis on preparing rotating military faculty to return to the operational force.
  • To provide intellectual capital to the Army and the nation through faculty, center, and cadet research.
  • To strengthen civil-military relations by engaging with civil society.

Information regarding the Dean of Academic Board my be found at: or may be reached at: 845-938-2000.

Academic Advisor - All cadets are assigned to a Departmental Academic Advisor (DAC) once they declare a major.  Prior to that point, academic advising is provided by the Company Academic Advisor (CAC) and by the head Academic Advisor in the Registrar's office - Dr. Russell Lachance - 845-938-5324.  Additional information may be found under "Counseling Corner" in CIS.

Academic Calendar - The academic calendar for courses - known as the "Buff Card" is available to cadets via the CIS or through the Academic Affairs/Registrar Services (AARS) sharepoint.  

Academic Awards and Recognition - Specific and comprehensive information for awards/recognition may be found in the Redbook.  Many of the awards/recognition have additional criteria for awarding beyond what is indicated here.

  • Distinguished Cadets - Cadets mus earn a QPA of 3.67 or better either for the year or cumulatively.
  • Dean's List - Dean's List criteria is a TQPA of 3.00 or better considering all courses in the academic program taken during the semester, including military science and physical education.  The cadet's academic transcript will contain the notation "Dean's List" for all those so designated.
  • Superintendent Award - The Superintendent's Award is a prestigious award given to cadets who prove themselves to be outstanding simultaneously in all three programs (Academic, Military, and Physical).  It is based on the Cadet Award Score (CAS) which is a combination of the three program scores (APS, MPS, and PPS) applying equal weight to each.
  • Thayer Honor Designation - Cadets must be selected for the program by the Thayer Honor Program (THP) Committee; maintain an APS of at least 3.5, and MPS and PPS of at least 3.0 (waiverable for one semester); participate in core course cohorting and additional academic enrichment opportunities offered during the academic year; achieve honors designation in their major program (if offered), and perform undergraduate scholarship reviewed and accepted by the THP committee.

Academic Records* - Cadets may access information regarding their academic progress via the CIS.  This includes current grades and information regarding the eight-term academic program (8TAP).  To obtain an official transcript, the request should be processed via this website link.  Questions should be referred to the Office of the Registrar at 845-938-2050.

Academic Standards - The primary responsibility for attaining satisfactory academic performance rests with the individual cadet.  Cadets must strive to achieve their highest level of academic excellence.  Cadets mus achieve a grade of D or better in all required academic (core and academic major), military science, and physical education course.  Information regarding academic standards, policies and processes may be found in the Redbook.

Academic Stores - The Academic Stores (USMA Bookstore and Cadet Store) are part of the Directorate of Cadet Activities.  Revenues generated by the Academic Stores go to support the Corps of Cadet's clubs and activities.  

Admissions - Applicants for undergraduate admission are required to meet specific requirements for eligibility to attend USMA.

Banking/ATM - There are teller services for PenFed in Taylor Hall (2nd floor across from the Registrar's entrance).  ATM's are available at:

  • Inside the West Point Club (603 Cullum Rd)
  • Beside Subway (Bldg 683, Buckner Loop)
  • Outside the Exchange (1204 Stony Lonesome Rd)
  • Inside Grant Hall (currently under construction)

Campus Map and Parking - A map of the West Point Military complex including parking areas.  Parking in areas listed as Central Parking Area (CPA) are restricted during the traditional work day and are subject to change without notice.  Please note that the Central Area is restricted to cadets, staff and faculty, along with their guests.  This area is closed to the public.

Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP) - CEP is West Point's comprehensive student assistance center, providing cadets with a variety of individual and group programs and services focused on helping cadets further develop as self-regulated learners and leaders of character.  The CEP helps cadets achieve excellence in West Point's four developmental pillars - academic, military, physical and character - through targeted education and training on specific strategies and intangible mental skills that underlie elite human performance across all domains.  

Center for Personal Development (CPD) - Clinical Services - CPD provides comprehensive counseling services to the Corps of Cadets in an accepting and supportive environment.  CPD is staffed by Army and civilian clinical psychologists with broad range of experience providing counseling and behavioral health treatment.  With few exceptions involving safety and legal issues, information is not shared outside of CPD without the cadet's written permission.

Chaplain - There are a wide array of opportunities available to cadets and the West Point community to meet their religious needs.

Classroom Conduct - The Cadet Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) outline expectations for classroom conduct and related experiences e.g. illness and additional instruction (AI).

Commencement/Graduation - Information regarding May graduation is usually posted in January/February preceding the event.  

Departments - There are thirteen academic departments at USMA.  Each department has information regarding their major programs, mission and contact information for the departmental faculty.  Additionally the Department of Military Instruction and the Department of Physical Education have websites that highlight their unique mission, focus and contact information.

Diploma - Diplomas are awarded and presented at graduation.

Directorate of Cadet Activities (DCA) - The DCA provides comprehensive and diverse extracurricular, social cultural, and recreational programs that enhance the leader development of the Corps of Cadets.  The DCA operates many of the auxiliary services typically found at institutions of higher education.

Directory - A quick reference listing of phone numbers at USMA and West Point.

Grades - The foundation of USMA's grading is the commitment to evaluate cadets based on their achievement of announced course objectives.  Satisfactory performance on graded course requirements must therefore reflect satisfactory progress toward meeting course objectives.  Reasonable academic standards of achievement are established in advance of cadets taking a course or test.  The principle responsibility for academic performance rests with each individual cadet.  Letter grades ranging from A+ to F will be the standard means of communicating academic achievement.  Complete information may be found in the Redbook.

Honor - Honor is one of the three values (Duty, Honor, Country) that West Point is founded upon.  As such, alleged honor violations are closely monitored and stewarded by the William E. Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic.  If assistance is needed related to legal or honor case, the Staff Judge Advocate provides legal assistance.

Library - USMA's award winning Jefferson Library provides comprehensive services to both cadets and USMA faculty and staff.

Mess Hall - Meals are provided to cadets by the mess hall 7-days per week.  Information regarding the menus, contacting the mess hall group, and events are available via the West Point app.

Mounger Writing Center - The Mounger Writing Center (MWC) offers support to all cadets, faculty and staff for working on any writing and communication projects, across and beyond the curriculum, and for any purpose.  Come to the MWC for one-on-one consultations with Cadet and Postgraduate Writing Fellows, collaborative writing spaces, and subject-specific group workshops.  The MWC is located on the second floor of Jefferson Hall (NE Wing), and is a sub-component of the larger West Point Writing Program (WPWP).

MWR - MWR stands for Morale, Welfare, and Recreation within the Army.  The MWR manages programs and services that support readiness and resilience for soldiers and their families. 

Registrar Services - The office of the Registrar is responsible for managing official student record information, including academic results, and keeping a permanent record of academic progress and grades.  The office is the liaison for official transcripts, major changes, as well as changes related to grades and schedule.  

Requirements for Graduation - Memorandums for each cadet class are created by the office of the Superintendent.  In general, a cadet must successfully complete the course of instruction in the academic, military, and physical programs and satisfy the institutional (non-program) requirements.  A minimum Cumulative Quality Point Average (CQPA) of 2.00 is required.  Specific information may be found in the Redbook.

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) - Sexual harassment and sexual assault destroy teamwork and negatively affects combat readiness.  Successful mission accomplishment can be achieved only in an environment free of sexual harassment and sexual assault for all personnel.  The policy of the Army is that sexual harassment and sexual assault is not acceptable conduct and will not be condoned or tolerated.

Social Media

  • Facebook - The official site for West Point can be found under "West Point - The U.S. Military Academy".  This is intended to provide updated information and discussion about the Academy.
    • Other sites/topics related to West Point on Facebook (Note - not inclusive list)
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  • Instagram - The official site for West Point can be found westpoint_usma.
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      • Admissions - westpointadmissions
      • Commandant - commandant.usmilitaryacademy
      • Dean - dean.usma
      • Athletics - goarmywestpoint. (Note that many of the individual athletic programs have their own Instagram accounts - listed under armywp_XXX with the XXX replaced by designator e.g. mbb for basketball)
      • West Point Band - westpointband
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      • West Point Family and MWR - westpointmwr
  • Twitter - The official site for West Point is @WestPointUSMA
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      • Garrison - @USAGWestPoint
      • Many of the Academic Departments have individual accounts
      • Many of the athletic programs have individual accounts

Transportation Services -

  • Shuttle Services - Information regarding the North-South shuttle may be found at Ride System app.  This app provides tracking information as well as estimated time of arrival at each stop.  The Ride System app icon is:
  • West Point Taxi Dispatcher - 845-938-4486

U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) - West Point - When discussing the area that is generally termed as West Point - the cadet and associated areas are termed as the United States Military Academy (USMA), whereas the military post around it is termed as West Point. USAG West Point's mission is to provide services, programs, and infrastructure to sustain the West Point community.  USAG West Point is integral with USMA and its mission.  

Visiting West Point - From prospective Cadet Candidates visiting USMA, to guided tours of historic West Point, to top-notch shows and sporting events, there are numerous reasons to visit West Point. Please note that a photo id is required to enter the base.

Weather - Information regarding weather and its impact on West Point's function/services may be found at the West Point Garrison homepage, or the West Point Garrison Facebook page, or by calling 845-938-7000 for accurate and up-to-date official information regarding the status of West Point.  In addition, the following radio stations provide unofficial information at regular intervals.


















































  • Arvin Cadet Physical Development Center - Front Desk: 845-938-5125.
  • DENTAC - Saunders Dental Clinic.  Hours M-F 0700-1530.  Sick call - report to Saunders Dental Clinic by 0710.
  • Dietitian - Appointments scheduled through CIS.  Services provided (not inclusive list): Nutrition Education and Meal Planning, Nutrition Assessment, and Weight Management.  Phone number 845-938-2354.
  • Diversity/Equal Opportunity (EO) - USMA will provide equal opportunity and treatment for all military personnel, family member, and civilian employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.  Our goal is to foster an environment free of discrimination.
  • Keller Army Community Hospital - Provides high-quality, compassionate, patient-centered healthcare for the West Point community with optimizing the medical readiness of the force and enhancing the well-being of all we serve.  Keller Army Hospital Directory - contact information for departments within Keller.
  • Mologne Cadet Health Clinic - Phone number: 845-938-3003.  Hours 0600 - 1430.
  • Victor Constant Ski Area - Open to the public.  Call 845-938-2475 for daily updates , operation times and conditions.  Children 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.  Sledding and Tubing on the ski hill (including the bunny hill area) is prohibited at all times.
  • West Point Golf Course - Club House number - 845-938-2435.  The West Point Golf Course is an 18-hole challenge on a mountain layout that takes a walk through history, starting at hole #1 where the tee marker reflects upon the American Revolution, and finishing with tee's #17 and #18 reflecting upon Iraq and Afghanistan.