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Admissions : Family

Parents and Families

Most parents and families who send children away to college have questions about their future welfare. Will my son or daughter have a good experience? Will they be safe? How will this college prepare them for a career and a fulfilling life?

We welcome all your questions about life at West Point. We encourage you to talk with parents of cadets, too. They are a valuable source of information and insights.

Sharing a Common Bond

Cadets develop close friendships and lifelong bonds. Parents of cadets share many things in common, too.

  • Pride in knowing that their sons and daughters are forever part of “The Long Gray Line” of West Point graduates.
  • Knowledge that their children receive a world-class undergraduate education.
  • Reassurance that their children are trained and well-prepared to serve their country upon graduation.
  • Belonging to a strong, caring community that takes care of each other.

A Support Network

Cadets lead demanding lives during their 47 months at West Point. We provide a variety of tools to help them succeed. Some examples:

  • Sponsorship program. Faculty and staff sponsors invite cadets into their homes to relax and enjoy family life. They might have a home-cooked meal or watch a movie or game together.
  • Center for Enhanced Performance. Cadets can hone their study skills and time-management and test-taking abilities.
  • Center for Personal Development. Staff counselors can assist cadets who need personal support or advice. The door is open.

What You Can Do

If your son or daughter is considering West Point, let him or her be in charge, but encourage and support along the way.

Early in the college search

  • Encourage your child to start the process early in the junior year.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to visit campus and spend time with a cadet.
  • Come along and attend an information session for parents and families hosted by the Admissions Office.
  • Ask us to connect you with parents of West Point cadets.

During the application process

  • Help your child be organized in completing the multi-part application (called the “Candidate Kit”). It is a lengthy process.
  • Support your student’s desire to attend West Point.
  • Help your child schedule the required medical and physical exams early on.
  • Remind him/her to take or re-take the SATs or ACTs. We only count the highest scores.

Connect with Parents – Parents Club

West Point parents know firsthand what it’s like to be part of the U.S. Army family. If your son or daughter enrolls at West Point, you will also become part of our family.

West Point Parents Clubs serve as a support network for families of cadets across the U.S. Just as we provide cadets all the tools they need to succeed, this system helps parents, too. To find out about a Parents Club in your area, contact Deb Dalton, Parent Communications Liaison, by phone: (845) 938-5650, or email She’ll help you get connected.

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