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High School Seniors

West Point - GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!

West Point is a place that cadets remember with pride for the rest of their lives. If you are accepted, you’ll soon experience the demands and the thrills of being a West Point cadet! You’ll join other exceptional students in a unique collegiate environment. Personal challenge, team adventure and leader-building opportunities await you here.  As a High School Senior, if you haven't already started an application, you are already behind your peers.  Start by clicking on the "Apply" link on the left today.

Stay Focused

Applying to a world-class institution like West Point means you are competing with other high-ability students. It’s essential that you meet all the admissions deadlines. Your applicant file – what we call your “candidate” file – will not be complete until you do.  To assist in your process, print out the USMA Application Timeline.

So, finish pulling together all the pieces of the puzzle to advance your candidacy! Follow these helpful tips:

  • Continue to perform your personal best in high school academics, athletics and extracurricular activities.
    • Earn A’s and B’s in the toughest courses you can take.
    • Do well in calculus, trigonometry and physics.
    • Excel on the athletic field.
    • Become a leader in student government, clubs or other organizations.
  • Visit campus.
    • Spend part of a day with a cadet.
    • Schedule an overnight visit.
  • Stay on top of your candidate file.
    • Have you sent all of your nomination requests? Meet those deadlines!
    • Have your ACT and/or SAT scores been sent to us?
    • Have you completed the forms in your Candidate Kit?
    • Are you practicing the six performance areas to prepare for the Candidate Fitness Assessment?
    • Have you taken the Qualifying Medical Examination?

Do you have what it takes?

All the puzzle pieces need to be in place before an admissions decision can be made.

A letter from our director COL-web-letter.pdf

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