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Admissions : Steps


The following outline will help walk you through the admissions process here at West Point.  If you have additional questions as you navigate the process, please contact your Regional Admissions Officer.  Their information is located under Admissions Teams.

Along with the information below, you can find more helpful tips here in the Admissions Guide.

USMA Admissions Guide


Step 1: Determine whether you meet the Basic Requirements.


     Candidates must:

  • Be at least 17 but not older than 22 on July 1 of the year they enter West Point.
  • Not be married.
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Not be legally responsible for support of any children.
      Medical Qualifications:
  • Be in good physical and mental health.
  • Pass a medical exam (DODMERB).
      Physical Qualifications: Each candidate should have
  • Above average strength, agility, and endurance.
  • A strong performance on the West Point Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA).
If you are eligible, fill out and submit the initial screening application, called the Candidate Questionnaire.


Step 2: Start a File Online
West Point will start your candidate file upon receiving a completed Candidate Questionnaire online located here, in the middle of your junior year in high school or as soon after that as possible. You must have a Social Security Number to start a file. Your file will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you have the qualifications to compete for admissions.
Step 3: Apply for a Nomination
You must obtain a nomination in order to compete for admission to West Point, and you should apply for all nominations for which you are eligible during the spring of your junior year. At a minimum, candidates are eligible for a congressional nomination from their representative in Congress, their two U.S. senators, and the vice president of the United States. For more information about applying for nominations and to view request-letter formats, please click the Nominations link. To find out who your house representative is, click FindYourRepresentative and enter your zip code.  For your Senate representative, click FindYourSenator and search by state.
Step 4: Fill Out West Point Forms Online
The Admissions Office reviews Candidate Questionnaires, and candidates who pass the initial screening will receive instructions about the remaining admissions requirements, including being qualified by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB). All procedures and forms must be completed promptly. Candidates who do not pass the initial screening will be notified.
Step 5: Follow Up on Nominations
Each year, more than 10,000 candidates open files for admission to West Point, but only about 4,000 receive nominations. A nomination is the legal authority for West Point to offer admission, and it’s very important that you aggressively pursue every nomination available to you.
Step 6: Complete Testing
All candidates must take the timed ACT Plus Writing or SAT with Essay. West Point does not accept un-timed scores for academic evaluation or ACTs/SATs without the optional writing/essay section. We recommend that you take both the SAT and ACT at least once. It’s to your advantage to take the tests as many times as practical, since West Point only considers your highest sub-scores, so you can only improve.  You should have your scores forwarded to West Point using the appropriate College Code Numbers. The SAT code is 2924 and the ACT code is 2976.
Step 7: Stay on Top of your File
  • Have you sent all of your nomination requests? Did you meet those deadlines?
  • Have your ACT and/or SAT scores been sent to us?
  • Have you completed the forms in your candidate kit?
  • Are you practicing the six performance areas to prepare for your Candidate Fitness Assessment?
  • Have you had the Qualifying Medical Examination (DODMERB)?
  • Begin to prepare yourself physically for the challenges of
    "Cadet Basic Training". To learn more, click here.
West Point no longer conducts rolling admissions. The majority of offers of admission  are made between November and June of the following year. However, for those fully qualified, outstanding candidates who have completed all admissions requirements, they may receive offers as early as November.
Ready to apply? Click HERE! 
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