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The purpose of the BASS research is to providean on-going examination of attitudes in a specific segment of the U.S. college students, ROTC cadets, and military academy cadets.  To date, we have deployed the BASS as a biannual survey since late 2002. Each semester we survey approximately 100 students each from a civilian college or university, an ROTC program, and military academies. As of spring 2012, over 6,000 cadets and students from 49 different colleges and universities have completed the instrument.  In the survey, we question attitudes toward a number of domains associated with military life such as military professionalism, civil-military relations, the role of the military in American society and the world, and the role of women, gays and lesbians in the military. We are continuing our analysis where we compare and contrast these attitudes both within groups and between the three groups and compare to findings of previous research to include a longitudinal analysis.


  • Improve pedagogy through better understanding of the political and social characteristics of cadets;
  • Provides a mechanism for monitoring and flagging congruence between military academy cadets, ROTC cadets, and their civilian college counterparts in the U.S. and abroad;
  • Creates a state–of-the-times database for cadets, officers in graduate school, and military academy and other faculty. Basis for high impact cadet research projects, and faculty-led research on vital issues affecting retention and performance of cadets and junior officers;
  • Provides timely and rich policy-related data and research to inform ROTC programs, college faculties, staffs, and administrators, and military academy teachers, administrators, and military leaders.


  • Any U.S. or foreign college undergraduate students, ROTC program, or military academy;
  • Prefer first year students but not exclusive of other years;
  • Pencil and paper survey;
  • Requires 30-50 minutes to adminster;
  • Human Subjects Review approved at West Point
  • No costs to the campus.