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Excel Scholars
The Excel Scholars Program (EXCEL) is a Dean-sponsored program started in AY 2012 to promote the personal and professional excellence of high performing cadets from underrepresented groups by encouraging them to strive for a higher standard and be an instrument for change by competing for post-graduate scholarships.
EXCEL accomplishes this mission through identification of promising cadets from historically underrepresented groups, nurturing the talent to compete for post-graduate scholarship opportunities, encouraging ongoing excellence in the academic, military, and physical dimensions of the West Point Leader Development System (WPLDS), and promoting diversity among the cadet leadership participant pool. 
EXCEL provides targeted enrichment aimed at improving technical expertise, research opportunities, writing, communication skills, and leader development.


•Identify and nurture talent to compete for and win post-graduate scholarships.
•Increase diversity in cadet leadership positions.
Achieve excellence in all three dimensions of WPLDS.

Recent Cadet Accomplishments

•AY 2012, 2013: One winner each year
•AY 2014, 2015: Two winners each year
•AY 2016: Five winners
•Schools attended: Northwestern, Georgia Tech, MIT, Purdue, Northeastern, UC-Berkeley, USUHS and University of Alabama-Huntsville
​Position ​Name ​E-Mail ​Office ​Phone
​Director ​LTC Tanya Estes ​TH 1113 ​x3249
​Executive Director ​CPT (P) Jessica Dawson ​TH 282C ​x8645
Director Emeritus​ ​Dr. Ericka Rovira ​TH 267B ​x5902
​Admin. Team ​CPT Brandon Thomas ​TH 267C ​x5635
​TAC Team ​CPT Randy Shed ​x2009
​​TAC Team ​CPT Eric Wilson ​x2627
9 SEPT 2016 - BG Jebb spoke to the cadets about the importance of striving for academic excellence, while also achieving excellence across the other pillars of the West Point experience.  She discussed the importance of intellectual capital as an asset to the US Army and highlighted the Chief of Staff of the Army’s new Warrior-Scholar program.  The Warrior-Scholar program ensures that newly commissioned officers who go directly to graduate school are seen as a valuable asset the Army should retain and exploit in accordance with their capabilities
​17 SEPT 2016 - Cadets participated in four sessions, to include: Why Graduate School?, How to Apply, How To Fund Graduate School, and Voices from the Field. While funding discussions did not apply directly to cadets, they learned valuable information regarding how to successfully apply for a GEM Fellowship and gain entry to a graduate STEM program. Our scholars participated in the fun and engaging symposium where they received full information on the importance of graduate school and what is needed to successfully gain admittance. The GRAD lab focused on graduate engineer or science education and encouraged students to apply for the GEM fellowship.