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PL 485: Human Factors Engineering

This course surveys the theories and methods of human factors engineering.  Human factors engineering is concerned with the application of technology and the design of equipment, training and clothing with a human dimension focus.  This course emphasizes three aspects of human factors engineering, the empirical research, the cost/benefit and compliance.  The focus is on understanding the capabilities and limitations of humans as they interact with equipment, facilities and training.  This course provides the foundation for the systematic application of information about humans to the design of clothing, equipment, and workspace.

The topics covered: total system design, information displays, system controls, work space design, and the effects of environmental loads and the resulting physiological strains on performance, with emphasis on battlefield systems and technologies. You will learn to employ system design resources, evaluate original research in applied investigation and practice, and use this information to solve a variety of problems. 

Currently, the course is taught by COL James Ness


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