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Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership : PART I Eligibility Requirements

Part I: Eligibility Requirements


Q:  Who is eligible for the Instructor/Tactical Officer selection board that is scheduled for 1 DEC annually?
A:  You must be a competitive category Army officer (typically a branch qualified Captain) and have your completed application submitted by the annual December 1st deadline to be given full consideration.  An application is not complete until you have qualifying GRE scores (153 V / 144 Q / 4.0 W at a minimum) or GMAT score (500).  Additionally, the following eligibility criteria apply:
   BS&L Academic Instructor (a 5-year program)
  • Must be on schedule to successfully branch qualify by August of the year graduate school begins.
  • Should be in a Year Group that promotes to major in the primary zone NET than the second year of graduate school.
   Eisenhower Leadership Development Program (a 12-month academic program beginning June annually).
  • Must be on schedule to successfully branch qualify NLT May of the year your assignment to USMA begins.
  • Target Year Groups for each cohort are officers in their 6th to 9th year of commissioned service.  Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis.
Note:  The intent is to ensure that officers who come to West Point will begin serving as an Academic Instructor or Tactical Officer NLT the start of their 10th year of commissioned service, which translates into them spending three years as an instructor, going to ILE (or equivalent duty), and then having a minimum of 18 months to branch qualify as a major prior to their primary zone LTC promotion board. 
Q:  If I am interested in multiple programs, am I required to complete separate applications?
A:  It depends.  The answer is yes if you desire to apply as an instructor and as a TAC.  Applications are made separately towards these ends using the “WEST,” the on-line application portal.  The answer is no, however, if you preference only to instruct.  A single application will suffice even if applying to separate programs within BS&L, such as Psychology and Engineering Psychology, for example.  (See Part IV for the complete application requirements).  In that case, our application procedure is synchronized to make it easier for you so you can concentrate on your current duty and not redundant uploading.  See Contact Information (Part V) for specifics of where to send your information.
Q:  Is gender and ethnic diversity a consideration/goal in selections?
Yes – to the extent that it ensures diversity.  BS&L and USCC require, but also sincerely want, diversity among the role models we place before cadets.  So in that sense, we are committed to considering diverse among applicants.  It is very important that cadets are taught, mentored, and led by both genders and all ethnic groups.  Therefore, female and minority officers are strongly encouraged to apply.