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About Us

Our mission is to empower the processes by which Army professionals learn—both individually and collectively—in order to improve the effectiveness of company-level officers and thus to advance the Army profession. We accomplish this mission by enabling experiences of professional conversation and by developing technologies to support these experiences.
Charter: (Given to us by BG Dan Kaufman on 17 Sep 2002):
  • “If you do anything the way the Army is already doing it, you’re wasting my time. 
  • “If you don’t fail sometimes, you’re not trying hard enough.  
  • “If you don’t fundamentally change the way the Army learns and educates its leaders, you’ve betrayed my trust.”  
Vision:  Every company-level officer in the Army engaged in vibrant professional conversation about developing and leading combat-effective teams as well as empowered to design and facilitate lasting professional conversation.
Our Values:  
·       speak with a positive voice
·       act with a practical focus
·       trust our fellow professionals
·       demonstrate a passion for quality
·       value innovation and creativity
·       lead a movement that is essentially grass-roots and voluntary
·       remain committed to the Army
·       are radical learners
·       adopt a learner mindset
·       appreciate, encourage, and exhibit teamwork
·       value the individual person
·       humbly serve each other 
Our Guiding Principle:  connecting leaders in conversation around content in context  (C4P) improves their individual and collective effectiveness.