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Opera Forum

/CFAF/siteassets/sitepages/Forum/OF_1.jpg This club is committed to fostering an appreciation of opera in its members by providing them the opportunity to regularly attend performances of this art form in the greater Metropolitan area. The Opera Forum also seeks to engage students in thinking about the different forms of communication that define opera (song, speech, music, etc.) and how these different methods of expression can be combined to tell (and retell) classic stories in bold new ways. 

Semester theme: Puccini and Poperetta: La Boheme (1896) and Rent (1996)

 Giacomo Puccini’s influence on the writers of the mega-musical period, including Andrew Lloyd Webber, cannot be overestimated, and the “poperettas” of the 1980s and 1990s are clearly indebted to Puccini in numerous respects.  Perhaps the most noteworthy relationship between Puccini and poperetta is the one that exists between Puccini’s masterpiece, La Boheme, and its modern “rock opera” counterpart, Rent.  La Boheme is a vivid portrayal of early 19th century Paris, where a group of Bohemians struggle to maintain their unconventional lifestyles in the face of poverty, hunger, and contagion.  Jonathan Larson’s Rent transports Puccini’s story to 1980’s New York City, as the contemporary counterparts of Puccini’s characters face similar struggles in Greenwich Village.  

Recent Events

  • Don Giovanni (Metropolitan Opera, Fall 2016)

Upcoming Events
  • I Puritani (Metropolitan Opera, Spring 2017
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OIC:  CPTAaron Mann
 Dr. Seth Herbst
CIC:  Cadet Ryan Gunderman