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Center for Teaching Excellence : Classroom_Response_Systems

Center for Teaching Excellence

Classroom Response Systems
Leveraging Technology in the Classroom for Cadet Success

For the past several years, CTE has provided access to sets of Classroom response devices, often referred to as “clickers.” This educational technology has increased class participation by engaging students in an interactive learning experience that encourages success. Our platform of choice has been Turning Technologies' TurningPoint and clickers.

In order to avoid the upkeep of response hardware, USMA has purchased a web-enabled version of the TurningPoint software already in use at USMA. Turning Technologies' TurningPoint 8 mobile solution requires a PC or Macintosh computer to create response sessions and can then enroll any combination of web-enabled devices as "clickers," allowing participants to view and respond to interactive questions.

In addition, the version of TurningPoint 8 we will be using does not require installation; it consists of a folder that contains the application (Turningpoint.exe for PC and Turningpoint.dmg for a MAC) and support files, that is copied to the computer being used to create sessions and to interact with Microsoft Powerpoint.

Download a zip archive containing the Turningpoint 8 folder, the Quick-start Guide and other support documents, by clicking on a link below (Please Note: this software is licensed for use only by USMA faculty and staff and these links will only work in the USMA network):

TurningPoint 8 for PC

TurningPoint 8 for MAC

IMPORTANT: When downloading the zip archive, make sure the download has completed, that is, a zippered folder icon has appeared (to be sure of this, it is recommended that you download to your desktop). Extract the TurningPoint 8 folder by right-clicking on the zippered folder, choosing "Extract All..." and choosing a place to extract the files (it is recommended that you choose the Desktop; please be patient, it may take several minutes).

Open the Turningpoint 8 folder and launch Turningpoint by double-clicking the TurningPoint 8 application. The opening screen should welcome you as USMA Instructor. If so, click Continue and enter the password from the text document "Passcode" contained in the TurningPoint 8 folder. If not, enter both the Username and password from the same "Passcode" file. This process should only need to be done once on each machine on which you use TurningPoint 8; your credentials should then be saved for future use. Once you are confident that the application is functioning correctly, you may delete the zip archive. Finally, any saved session data will be located in the original TurningPoint 8 folder. To use that session data on another machine, you will need to copy the original folder to that machine.

USMA will maintain a pool of 2000 licenses for on-demand use by cadets to participate in active sessions initiated by faculty. We will monitor to determine whether additional licenses will be needed to handle simultaneous sessions. Participants can access TurningPoint 8 sessions by either downloading the Turning Point 8 app to their mobile device or directing their web browser to and entering the session ID.

This technology provides immediate interactive response functionality to students and educators, which can be used to both evaluate the collective understanding of the entire class and to track individual student learning at the point of instruction. The net result of implementing classroom response technology in your course can be an increase in student involvement, comprehension and retention.  Essentially, TurningPoint 8 integrates with PowerPoint 2013 or provides Anywhere Polling that can be used with any application to allow faculty to create interactive questions for measuring comprehension, reviewing assigned materials, awarding participation points, grading tests, and more. The software also allows for creating reports for many of your course needs: from individual student participation scores to entire section results, or evaluate results based on demographics or work groups.

Below are links to manuals and training and support resources for TurningPoint 8. Also included are various studies, white papers, and articles on audience response systems. .

Manuals, Guides & Best Practices from Turning Technologies


Articles, Studies & White Papers:

Where to go for help and support:

Call Patrick Gill in the CTE at 938-4670 or email him at:

For product support related questions, you can call, toll-free, 1-866-746-3015, and ask to speak with a Customer Support Specialist (7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Eastern Time); or you can email them at: