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Master Teacher Program (MTP)
Keyword Search Results for MTP Literature Review Papers
AssessmentAbility Grouping, Student Evaluation, Motivating StudentsBeau PendergraftADVISING CADETS IN THE CLASSROOM ON CAREER FIELD SELECTION: MAKING AN INFORMED DECISION ENABLED BY ALL STAFF & FACULITY MEMBERS OF USMAPendergraft_13Pendergraft_13.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsFaculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation, Planning, Participation, Learning Styles, MetacognitionMichael MunroeAssessment and Learning DomainsMunroe_17Munroe_17.pdf
AssessmentStudent EvaluationDR Richard WolfelClassroom Assessment: The Confusion of Many VoicesWolfel_09Wolfel_09.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Problem-Based Learning, Critical Thinking, MetacognitionJUAN REMYCombatting Dualistic Thinking with Problem-Based Learning in my classroomRemy_16Remy_16.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsElectronic Media, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Metacognition, Integrative LearningEddie JacksonConcept Mapping: Developing Critical Thinking through Mind MappingEJackson_16EJackson_16.pdf
AssessmentStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, DemographicsMark E. DeYoungContinuous Feedback - automated real-time feedback for software development oriented project-based learningDeYoung_13DeYoung_13.pdf
AssessmentCritical ThinkingJames H. Hess IICritical Thinking: Domain Specific Applications, A Review of LiteratureJHess_11JHess_11.pdf
AssessmentFaculty EvaluationMAJ Robert MeineEvaluation of Teaching: Teaching PortfoliosMeine_08Meine_08.pdf
AssessmentFaculty EvaluationMAJ Kirk IngoldFaculty DevelopmentIngold_08Ingold_08.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsLearning Outcomes, Student-Centered TeachingBenjamin MitchellHead in the Right Direction: A Model for Discussion Leader, Peer-Assessed Undergraduate Seminars in Political ScienceMitchell_11Mitchell_11.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Planning, Problem-Based LearningJames Bjerkaas and Sarah WolbergHomework vs. Quizzes, Which Evaluation Method is Better?Wolberg_Bjerkaas_12Wolberg_Bjerkaas_12.pdf
Assessment, TheoryAbility Grouping, Student Evaluation, Learning OutcomesTerry Babcock-LumishHonoring Investment in Excellence: A Literature Review of American University Honors Opportunities and Student PerformanceTBabcock-Lumish_13TBabcock-Lumish_13.pdf
Assessment, Course ManagementAbility Grouping, Student Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Planning, Participation, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsDave JonesLiterature Review – Developing Leaders of CharacterD_Jones_12D_Jones_12.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Core Curriculum, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsLauren Koban; Colin TanseyLiterature Review and Analysis of Multi-Grade vs. Single Grade Education at the United States Military AcademyTansey-Koban_16Tansey-Koban_16.pdf
AssessmentStudent Evaluation, Demographics, Motivating StudentsBrian Babcock-LumishMere Bookworms? A Literature Review of Scholarship and Fellowship AdvisingBBabcock-Lumish_13BBabcock-Lumish_13.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsMotivating StudentsJONATHAN M. GROSSMotivating Students When Grades Don’t (or Barely) MatterGross_11Gross_11.pdf
AssessmentStudent EvaluationMAJ Michael ShattanMoving Past Grading on the Curve – The Right WayShattan_10Shattan_10.pdf
Assessment, Course ManagementLearning Outcomes, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsMorgan ReeseNONVERBAL COMMUNICATION AND VOCAL INTONATION IN THE ENGINEER’S CLASSROOMReese_11Reese_11.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & Tools, TheoryAbility Grouping, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsAaron D. AshleyOpportunity versus Ability: A Literature Review of how these are managed and defined.Ashley_13Ashley_13.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, PlanningStacy GodshallPhased-Array Homework: Used to Shape and Steer Student UnderstandingGodshall_11Godshall_11.pdf
AssessmentStudent EvaluationMAJ Craig RohrboughPortfolios in Science EducationRohrbough_10Rohrbough_10.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Learning Outcomes, Learning StylesBETHANY KUBIKPREPARING TESTS: STUDENT ASSESSMENT AND EXAMSKubik_13Kubik_13.pdf
AssessmentAbility GroupingCOL Gary TidwellPsychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning: Student Motivation by Sectioning StudentsTidwell_07Tidwell_07.pdf
AssessmentStudent EvaluationMAJ Chad GiacomozziQuestioning TechniquesGiacomoz_07Giacomoz_07.pdf
AssessmentFaculty EvaluationMAJ Eric BjorklundReviewing Student Evaluations of TeachingBjorklun_08Bjorklun_08.pdf
AssessmentStudent EvaluationSteven D. HartSo What Does That Grade Mean Anyway?Hart_10Hart_10.pdf
AssessmentFaculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation, Critical ThinkingSean ClevelandSpaces, Gaps, Exchanges, and Student Engagement: A Review of Recent Trends in Formative Feedback ScholarshipCleveland_14Cleveland_14.pdf
AssessmentParticipation, Motivating StudentsJohn C. Baskerville, Jr.STUDENT MOTIVATIONBaskerville_12Baskerville_12.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Motivating StudentsWilliam TaylorSTUDYING & UNDERSTANDING MOTIVATIONTaylor_12Taylor_12.pdf
Assessment, Techniques & ToolsFaculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation, Learning Styles, Motivating StudentsRenee RamseyTechniques of Teaching: A Primer for Instructors in the Department of Social SciencesRamsey_15Ramsey_15.pdf
AssessmentActive Learning, Discussion, Student-Centered Teaching, Social Networking, Student-centered Learning, Collaborative Learning, InterdisciplinaryRichard HuttonThe Effects of Online Discussion Boards on In-Class DiscussionHutton_17Hutton_17.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TheoryLearning Outcomes, Planning, Core Curriculum, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles, Generational Learning, InterdisciplinaryChristine KeatingThe Intersection of Historical Methodology and Character Development in the Undergraduate History ClassroomKeating_17Keating_17.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsStudent Evaluation, Participation, Core Curriculum, Critical Thinking, Learning StylesChad FitzgeraldThe Pros and Cons of Oral Examinations in Undergraduate EducationFitzgerald_16Fitzgerald_16.pdf
AssessmentExperiential Learning, Critical Thinking, Motivating StudentsTammy Barnett-BongiThe Unique Opportunity to Teach Effective Character Education in the English ClassroomBarnett-Bongi_13Barnett-Bongi_13.pdf
AssessmentAbility GroupingMAJ William ViarTracking and Ability GroupingViar_08Viar_08.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & Tools, TheoryPlanning, Participation, Learning Styles, Motivating Students, Cooperative Learning, InterdisciplinaryDarren KerrUnderstanding Why Students Do Not Complete Required Readings and How to Incraese the Completion Rate of Assigned ReadingsKerr_17Kerr_17.pdf
AssessmentAbility GroupingMAJ Andrew MorganUse of Placement Tests in College ClassesMorgan_08Morgan_08.pdf
Assessment, Course Management, Techniques & ToolsFaculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation, PlanningCurtis KimbrellUsing Student Perception Surveys to Evaluate and Improve TeachingKimbrell_17Kimbrell_17.pdf
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