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Center for Faculty Excellence : MTP_Search_Results

Center for Faculty Excellence

Master Teacher Program (MTP)
MTP Project Search Results
collapse Year : 2008 ‎(43)
collapse Dept : BSL ‎(1)
MAJ Robert MeineEvaluation of Teaching: Teaching PortfoliosMeine_08Meine_08.pdf
collapse Dept : CFE ‎(1)
Michael BonuraFirst Impressions May Not Be All That Lasting: The Importance of Multiple Introductions in Small ClassesMBonura_08MBonura_08.pdf
collapse Dept : CLS ‎(4)
Melissa R. EslingerChemical Equilibrium, Which direction shall we favor? An Instructor Guide to Teaching Using the Systematic MethodEslinger_08Eslinger_08.pdf
MAJ Chi NguyenStudent Motivation and LearningNguyen_08Nguyen_08.pdf
MAJ Andrew MorganUse of Placement Tests in College ClassesMorgan_08Morgan_08.pdf
Marc FranciszkowiczVideo Based Additional InstructionFrancisz_08Francisz_08.pdf
collapse Dept : CME ‎(9)
Gayle DavisA Study in Engineering and Military EthicsDavis_08Davis_08.pdf
Ken S. Gilliam and Robert DeesAssessing Partial Knowledge Using Innovative Scoring RulesGillDees_08GillDees_08.pdf
Christopher M. KorpelaAssessing the EE Program Outcome Assessment ProcessKorpela_08Korpela_08.pdf
Yvonne C. MillerBattle Buddies: A Cooperative Learning Technique for Reducing Anxiety and Increasing MotivationMillerY_08MillerY_08.pdf
Jakob C. BruhlLearning Style Preferences for an On-Demand Learning ResourceBruhl_08Bruhl_08.pdf
Brian Novoselich, Grant Crawford, Erica YoungME350 Remote Education: Experiences Teaching Engineering to Non-Engineering Majors Studying AbroadNovoseli_08Novoseli_08.pdf
DR John Rogers, MAJ Jason EversTeaching Computer Aided Drafting and Design (Cadd) to Undergraduates*EverRgrs_08EverRgrs_08.pdf
MAJ Tim JohnsonTime Management Practices in Undergraduate StudentsJohnson_08Johnson_08.pdf
Aaron Hill, Stephen BertUsing Peer Design Review as an Undergraduate Engineering Education ToolBertHill_08BertHill_08.pdf
collapse Dept : DEP ‎(1)
MAJ Ramit RingHumor in TeachingRamitrin_08Ramitrin_08.pdf
collapse Dept : DFL ‎(1)
Scott E. WomackAuthentic Artifacts in the Classroom and Student Development:A Case Study of Their Relationship In the Affective and Cognitive Domains for Basic French Students at the United States Military AcademyWomack_08Womack_08.pdf
collapse Dept : DMI ‎(1)
MAJ Justin PerusekStudent Epistemology/Teacher Epistemology: Different DichotomiesPeruske_08Peruske_08.pdf
collapse Dept : DPE ‎(2)
Mark D. Rea II“Portable Fitness”: Enhancing Learning Through Technologies in a USMA Fitness CourseRea_08Rea_08.pdf
MAJ Julia WilsonEffective Teaching in Physical Education: Impact Behavior Barriers and FacilitatorsWilson_08Wilson_08.pdf
collapse Dept : DSE ‎(1)
Stephen E. Gauthier and Michael J. Kwinn, Jr.Thunder Run in the Classroom-Simulation Entity Detail in EducationGautKwin_08GautKwin_08.pdf
collapse Dept : EECS ‎(6)
MAJ David ChangEducating Generation Y in RoboticsChang_08Chang_08.pdf
MAJ Kirk IngoldFaculty DevelopmentIngold_08Ingold_08.pdf
DR Michael MillerInterdisciplinary CoursesMillerM_08MillerM_08.pdf
LTC Tim SchmoyerLeveraging Rhetoric and Logic in Classroom to Teach Math, Science and EngineeringSchmoyer_08Schmoyer_08.pdf
Peggy Leonowich-GrahamProgramming to MusicLeonGrah_08LeonGrah_08.pdf
MAJ Matthew DunlopThe State of Gender Equity in Science ClassroomsDunlop_08Dunlop_08.pdf
collapse Dept : HISTORY ‎(1)
DR Kimberlee BonuraClassroom RelationshipsKBonura_08KBonura_08.pdf
collapse Dept : LAW ‎(1)
CPT Christopher FordThe Socratic MethodFord_08Ford_08.pdf
collapse Dept : MATH ‎(6)
Robyn D. WoodDemonstrating ”What Right Looks Like” and Increasing Confidence in Math-Averse StudentsWood_08Wood_08.pdf
Charles A. Sulewski and Michael P. SchockDoes the Prerequisite Differential Calculus Core Course Offered at the United States Military Academy Adequately Prepare Students for the Follow on Mandatory Calculus-Based Introductory Physics Program?SuleScho_08SuleScho_08.pdf
Randy Boucher, Todd RetchlessStudent Selection for the Advanced Mathematics Program at the U.S. Military AcademyBoucher2_08Boucher2_08.pdf
Randy Boucher, Todd RetchlessStudent Selection for the Advanced Mathematics Program at the U.S. Military AcademyBoucher_08Boucher_08.pdf
Robert BurksThe Student Mathematics Portfolio: Value Added to Class Preparation?Burks_08Burks_08.pdf
Elisha PetersonUsing a Wiki to Enhance Cooperative Learning in a Real Analysis CoursePeterson_08Peterson_08.pdf
collapse Dept : PNE ‎(2)
Jonathan A. CampbellEncouraging Class Preparation through Reading QuizzesCampbell_08Campbell_08.pdf
MAJ William ViarTracking and Ability GroupingViar_08Viar_08.pdf
collapse Dept : SOSH ‎(5)
MAJ Jonathan DunnAssessing and Improving Student MotivationDunn_08Dunn_08.pdf
MAJ Scott TaylorEducating Children with Down SyndromeTaylor_08Taylor_08.pdf
Mike Shekleton and Bill SkimmyhornMeasuring the Effect of Aplia on Cadet Performance in the Principles of Economics CourseSkimShek_08SkimShek_08.pdf
MAJ Eric BjorklundReviewing Student Evaluations of TeachingBjorklun_08Bjorklun_08.pdf
Matthew J. SheifferSimulation Use in the Introductory International Relations ClassroomScheiffe_08Scheiffe_08.pdf
collapse Dept : USMA COMMUNITY ‎(1)
MAJ Dian RoginskiUnlocking the Power of the Brain: The Next Great Educational Paradigm ShiftRoginski_08Roginski_08.pdf
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