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Center for Teaching Excellence : TeachingPhilosophy

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Teaching Philosophy
Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Writing a personal statement of your Teaching Philosophy will help you to remain focused and will help you to grow as a teacher. All teachers should write such a statement, and, at least initially, it should be a personal document. After one has had a chance to reflect on the document, it is often desirable to share your teaching philosophy with your cadets and your leaders.

Two attached articles describe the details of what one might consider when writing a teaching philosophy and what to include in it. Also attached are several example teaching philosophy statements from USMA faculty. I prefer, and recommend to you, the non-memorandum formats when you first develop your teaching philosophy. It is, after all, a personal document written to you, written by you, to help you to remain focused and to help you grow. You may choose the more formal formatting for inclusion in official course documents or for passing up your command chain.

Whatever format you choose – do not write it and put it away! Post it where you can see it and reflect upon it occasionally. Update it every semester and remember to assess how you did last semester, and where you intend to go the next.

Examples of USMA Teaching Philosophy Statements

captain_a.pdfCPT A

Dr T.pdfDr. T


Maj_John_Doe.pdfMAJ D

Maj_X.pdfMAJ X

Major_Y.pdfMAJ Y