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About the Department of Chemistry and Life Science


Department Mission
To develop in cadets a firm foundation in physical science, investigative techniques, and problem solving skills essential to their understanding and awareness of the relationships between science and society. The department provides elective courses for majors and fields of study necessary for intellectual growth and development in the profession of arms, to include attendance at postgraduate service schools and civilian institutions. Additionally, the department contributes to cadet military, physical, intellectual, and ethical development through faculty mentorship. Finally, the department focus on the development of military and civilian faculty emphasizing academic excellence, scholarship, cadet development, service, and conducts research emphasizing DoD priorities.
Classes and laboratory sections are small and generally have 12 - 20 cadets. Classes emphasize cadet preparation, while instructors clarify concepts that were not clear to cadets and perform demonstrations of chemical experiments to visually emphasize a point. Cadets who have not mastered the material by the end of the lesson are encouraged to seek additional instruction (AI).
The department has facilities with modern analytical instruments that are supported by civilian chemists and technicians. These facilities support laboratory courses and faculty-student research. Cadets may pursue summer research opportunities at various DOD and government laboratories. Cadets interested in the chemistry field also have the opportunity to join the student affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society that sponsors an active seminar program.