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The faculty for the Department of Chemistry and Life Science consists of permanently assigned military faculty, rotating military faculty, civilian faculty, and periodically a Distinguished Visiting Professor. Rotating faculty provide the bulk of instruction. These are professional Army officers who have as a minimum completed a two-year MS program from a civilian university; many have earned their Ph.D. degree. The senior military faculty provides supervision, guidance, technical competence, and continuity to the department. The permanent faculty all have a Ph.D. degree. Every course has an assigned senior faculty supervisor. The Department Head reviews all major examinations and grades. Civilian faculty also provides continuity and expertise in their specific disciplines. During the summer, the faculty supports cadet military training or makes their expertise available to support ongoing Department of Defense research and development projects. The faculty is involved with cadets outside the classroom throughout the year. Many of them serve as academic counselors or advisors to cadet clubs and teams, and the majority participate in the extensive cadet mentorship program.