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Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of LTCArmstrong LTC Matthew Armstrong Associate Professor 845-938-5817  
Photo of LTCBarnhill LTC Jason Barnhill Assistant Professor 845-938-5820  
Photo of Dr.Biaglow Dr. Andrew Biaglow Professor 845-938-4080  
Photo of LTCBull LTC Geoffrey Bull Assistant Professor 845-938-2301  
Photo of COLBurpo COL F. John Burpo Head of Department and Professor U.S. Military Academy 845-938-3900  
Photo of LTCComitz LTC Richard Comitz Assistant Professor 845-938-3909  
Photo of LTCEslinger LTC Melissa Eslinger Assistant Professor 845-938-7275  
Photo of MAJHershfield MAJ Jeremy Hershfield Assistant Professor 845-938-5820  
Photo of LTCHill LTC Timothy Hill Associate Professor 845-938-7293  
Photo of LTCJames LTC Corey James Academy Professor 845-938-4190  
Photo of COLKalainoff COL Melinda Kalainoff Academy Professor and Deputy of Chemistry and Life Science 845-938-3109  
Photo of Dr.Kowalski Dr. Eileen Kowalski Associate Professor 845-938-0203  
Photo of Dr.Labare Dr. Michael Labare Professor of Microbiology 845-938-3341  
Photo of Dr.Loverde Dr. Joseph Loverde Research Scientist 845-938-4013  
Photo of LTCLundell LTC Carl Lundell Instructor 845-938-3027  
Photo of Dr.Mentis Dr. Elizabeth Mentis Assistant Professor 845-938-3892  
Photo of LTCMiller LTC April Miller Assistant Professor 845-938-5817  
Photo of LTCMiller LTC Joshua Miller Instructor 845-938-3801  
Photo of Dr.Mitropoulos Dr. Alexander Mitropoulos Assistant Professor-Davies Fellow 845-938-1182  
Photo of Dr.Nagelli Dr. Enoch Nagelli Assistant Professor 845-938-4378  
Photo of LTCNguyen LTC Chi Nguyen Academy Professor 845-938-4983  
Photo of Dr.O Dr. Kevin O'Donovan Assistant Professor 845-938-4378  
Photo of CPTOnwuanumkpe CPT Jude Onwuanumkpe Instructor 845-938-4256  
Photo of Dr.Riegner Dr. Dawn Riegner Associate Professor 845-938-3871  
Photo of MAJRittger MAJ Walter Rittger Department Executive Officer/Instructor 845-938-3902  
Photo of CPTRodriguez CPT Ryan Rodriguez Instructor 845-938-7294  
Photo of Dr.Washington Dr. Gary Washington Associate Professor 845-938-3918  
Photo of Dr.Wickiser Dr. J. Kenneth Wickiser Associate Professor 845-938-5813  
Photo of Dr.Woronowicz Dr. Kamil Woronowicz Assistant Professor 845-938-3908