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Department of Chemistry and Life Science : National Chemistry Honor Society

National Chemistry Honor Society

Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Kappa Iota Chapter
The US Military Academy Chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, was initiated on January 11, 2006 and is called the Kappa Iota Chapter of this National Chemistry Honor Society. The aims of the Society are namely to recognize outstanding academic achievement in chemistry, and related fields, to increase interest, scholarship, and research in chemistry, and related fields, and to promote professionalism and general welfare of the chemist. To be invited to join, a cadet must be in good standing with current members and maintain a 3.5 average in their major (either chemistry, life science, chemical engineering or kinesiology) we currently have 10 cadet members from the class of 2012.
Cadets and faculty from the Chemistry and Life Science Department recently participated in the STEM outreach held at the West Point Middle School during their annual Book Fair held on Oct. 26, 2011. The president of the Chemistry National Honor Society, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Cadet Avinash Chaurasia, demonstrates the effect of increased surface area on reaction kinetics.
The president of the American Chemical Society cadet club, Cadet Diana Kim, helps youngsters make fun polymers like slime and gak. Cadet Kim is also a member of GSE.