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NGO Fellows

Our NGO Fellows are a vital resource for human security education, both at home and abroad
What is the NGO Fellows Program?
CHSS operates a rotating NGO Fellows Program. With this program, experienced NGO personnel come to the Academy for a week to teach classes, conduct seminars, assist with cadet and faculty research and work with the CHSS director to create new internships further enhancing the cross-cultural education of the cadets. The Fellows provide a vital perspective on the relationship between military and civilian organizations, particularly important in war-torn areas where both entities are conducting operations.
Recent NGO Fellows include personnel from some of the largest NGOs including CARE, The International Committee of the Red Cross, Oxfam and CIVIC.
What do NGO Fellows do?
Our NGO Fellows (Guest Lecturers) can, on their visit fill in to teach a special lesson and provide a wonderful opportunity for our cadets to get personal insight on some of these great minds.
One of the main items that occur when an NGO Fellow visits CHSS is he/she will conduct an intellectually driven discussion in which will provide worldly perspectives on an array of important subjects.
Assist with
CHSS Research
NGO Fellows (Guest Lectures) will also assist our research team at times to add another layer to our ever-growing research capabilities.
Help Create
New Opportunities for cadets
Through the many inter-connecting events that our NGO Fellows are involved in here at the United States Military Academy, they are constantly inspiring and creating wonderful opportunities for cadets to pursue many different paths that they personally connect with. Never stop learning, never stop growing.