CPT Christopher Aliperti

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CPT Christopher Aliperti




Captain Christopher Aliperti is an Instructor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Chris graduated from USMA in 2019 with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Aeronautical Engineering. Chris commissioned as an Infantry officer and served as a platoon leader in 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart, GA. After completing his platoon leader time, Chris was assigned as an innovation officer in 3rd Infantry Division where he co-founded the Marne Innovation Center and served as one of its directors until 2023. Chris is now working with the Center for Innovation and Engineering (CIE) to integrate the Army's tactical innovation centers into USMA. In 2022 Chris graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Masters of Science in Applied Biomedical Engineering. 

Ongoing Research Projects

Posture-controlled video game for evaluating human balance and agility

Integration of Generative AI in engineering design