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Health Care

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
This website contains multiple articles, and resources that relate to improving health care services in under developed and developing countries. Several tools that could be particularly useful are: A "How to Improve" method (on upper right-hand side of page), downloadable tools related to multiple aspects of health care and health care improvement, and literature concerning health care improvement in developing countries.
Keywords: Health Care Improvement, Health Care Treatment Techniques, Health Care Waste Identification Tool, Medical Treatment Tools

Health Care in Developing Countries: Need for Finance, Education, or Both?
This 2 page article published in the Calicut Medical Journal discusses the need and impact of financing and education in improving health care in developing countries.
Keywords: Rural Health Care, Health Care Problems

Developing Countries Health Care Improvement Project (USAID)
The first link provides a substantive list of reports relating to health care improvement in developing countries. All of the reports include an abstract to clarify what area of health care improvement the report is focusing on. The second link is to the USAID's Health Care Improvement (HCI) homepage. This website provides numerous resources relating to health care improvement in developing countries.
Keywords: Health Care Improvement, Health Care Database, Health Care Research, Improvement Tools, Improvement Topics

Can Mobile Phones Improve Health In Developing Countries? (Article)
This is an interesting article that discusses how the proliferation of cellular telephones in locations around the world can effect an improvement in health care coverage.
Keywords: Cell Phones, Health Care Improvement

Quality Assurance of Health Care in Developing Countries
This 33-page article discusses issues related to measuring and maintaining quality health care in developing countries. It not only discusses the aspects that used to measure quality in health, but also discusses methods that can be used to improve specific dimensions of quality.
Keywords: Health Care Quality, Quality Medical Treatment, Improving Health Care Treatment


Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors is a donation funded organization whose vision is to provide sustainable development, and relief to under privileged and marginalized people worldwide. They look to provide assistance by managing and integrating resources locally and internationally
Keywords: Food, Starvation, Preventable Disease, Health, Development, Water, Agriculture, Education, International Aid

Academy for Educational Development (AED)


AED is a nonprofit organization that works in collaboration with local and international partners to create and implement innovative solutions to critical social and economic problems in various locations around the world. This website provides information and lists contact information for subject matter experts in health, nutrition, education, capacity development, leadership development, and many other topics as well
Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Food, Economic Development, Environment, Energy, Youth
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