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The mission of the Corbin Forum is to educate, empower and inspire the Corps of Cadets to serve as commissioned leaders of character by facilitating discussion of gender specific issues within the Corps, the Army, and by providing opportunities for education, mentoring, and networking in support of cadets, staff, and faculty.  Our primary activities are education and mentoring.
The Corbin Forum would like to thank all the volunteers who made our mentoring circles this semester a great success! 
The Forum would also like to thank friends of the Corbin Forum and all the organizers of the Leadership Conference in Boston.  The day included opening remarks from Congresswomen Nicki Tsongas (D-MA 3rd District), presentations from a range of military experts sharing their stories, and round table discussions with fellow service academy members, ROTC cadets and officers. Janet Petro, Deputy Director, Kennedy Space Center spoke before breaking for lunch. Also participating in the program were Rear Admiral Peg Klein, Major General Heidi Brown, Major General Jeff Snow and Major General (R) Maria Britt.
The event was attended by cadets and midshipment from the Academies as well as local ROTC cadets.  More information about the program is available at;